April 17, 2020

Respect the Bin: a Badass, Inspiring Rap Video for Earth Day.

This is the best rap video I’ve seen in 2020, and it rocks on about…recycling.

The promotional piece from the Canadian city of Laval has a viral message for us all—“Mets du respect dans ton bac,” or in English, Put Some Respect in your Bin.

Quebec City’s Alaclair Ensemble is known for rapping lyrics in both official languages French and English, aka Franglais, and they perform in a way that has no language barrier. The subtitles disappear as the catchy refrain sinks in: 

Metal, glass, plastic,
Cardboard, paper, that’s it…
Bac, bac, bac, bac, bac
(Bin, bin, bin, bin, bin)

Not only will their words inspire better recycling habits, their moves will make us dance and smile while doing them. 



Have you been respecting your bin? Dare ya to lift the lid, and give it a whiff. We did and instantly knew. We can do better.

Here are some friendly reminders to respect the bin:

Reduce waste.
Simply purchase fewer items.

Refuse to buy new.
Shop from donation centers and places like Facebook Marketplace first. 

Sell or donate things wherever possible.
Look beyond the choir from gardening groups to girl scout troops to see if anyone is collecting used goods. 

Reuse or repurpose stuff until it breaks.
Get creative. Grow plants, or use the old cottage cheese containers, the plastic gum cubes, and glass food jars to store anything and everything. Buy in bulk, using reusable containers, and divvy up the portions into smaller ones.

Understand recycling.
Be a part of the solution, not the confusion.

Non-profit organizations like Recycle Across America offer easy charts and tips for a home, workplace, or community’s benefit. Remember greasy, oily pizza boxes; plastic garbage bags full of recyclables; drinking cups; dishware; compostables; straws; plastic plates and cups; plastic wraps; foil; and batteries do not go in the bin.

Respect your local recycling center’s rules.
Understand what your local center is capable of recycling and how. Some communities are not even accepting glass anymore. 

Keep that bin clean.
Scape, rinse, and dry all items before chucking them in the bin. 

Pass it on!
Share this video far and wide. 

Thank you to the city of Laval and Alaclair Ensemble for this video. And to all the employees in recycling centers around the globe: we hope to treat you better as we do the same to our bins. 

“There is no such thing as ‘away.’ When we throw anything away it must go somewhere.” ~ Annie Leonard

Want to share other inspirational videos to inspire change for the global good? Submit them, and pass ’em on.


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Read 11 comments and reply

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