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April 26, 2020

A little Introspection~Checking In

Talk to me,

Tell me-How do you feel?


I will tell you there’s nothing to worry about,

I will tell you it’s not a big deal!


You still want to know:

‘This is how I feel!’


I feel like the best days are in the past,

I feel like nothing is going to last.


I feel things should be looking up,

When they are going down.


I feel I should be wearing a golden crown.


I feel like sunshine is not for me.

I feel like a cloud, like air, like a tree.


I feel like life is whizzing past,

My steps are tiny,

Still, I’m walking fast.


I feel like I’m dragging my feet,

I feel like I’m set on repeat.


I’m scared,

No power to move, keep still.


Can you tell me,

Are my feelings real?


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