April 2, 2020

Awakening is where the Magic Begins & the Story Never Ends.


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When we are in a deep sleep, warm beneath our covers, the light creeping through the blinds into our bedroom, we don’t want to wake up.

We all have had that feeling—some feel it every day, others sporadically. The warm, cozy feeling of staying in bed, going back to sleep. It’s cold out there, and also, uncertain.

When I first began waking up, I was shocked to learn there was a whole world out there that I never knew about. A world that included life after death, energy healing, guides, and lightworkers. It felt like I was taking off the costume I wore most of my life—a mom, coach, freelance writer, recruiter, runner, wife—and I felt naked not knowing who I would become with this new knowledge.

At first, I would peek my head out from beneath the covers out of curiosity. I would be opening to my gifts of communicating with the others side, meeting my guides, having transformational spiritual experiences, and then inevitably, I would run smack into fear and doubt.

Waking up always involves remembering.

I was not surprised, especially by the doubt. I was a skeptic for most of my life, and kept my gifts of communicating with the other side hidden, even from myself. It felt like new information that I was receiving messages from dead people, and could communicate with animals. My soul knew better as it had been waiting for me to remember when I was ready.

I discovered how I spent a lot of time on the other side as a child. I would disassociate during times of abuse and trauma, and I would go to the other side, where I felt safe and loved. Something always made me come back, although I often did so unwillingly. Not unlike the way I feel during a deep meditation, wanting to stay in the bliss and incredible feeling of unconditional love that envelops my body like a weighted blanket.

Waking up means we never know how our story will end.

I now know that I will always come back to my body, this life to fulfill the promise I made to see this life through. To not only overcome the trauma, but move beyond it. To wake up to the truth of why I am here, and share my intuitive gifts so others can do the same. To learn how to be alright with not knowing how my story will end, but understand that this physical world, the one that put me to sleep, is also helping wake me up.

Yes, our physical world can feel unsafe, but it also can light up our senses within our bodies, something we just don’t get on the other side. To be able to appreciate the feel of the grass tickle my bare feet, to relish in the warmth of a strong cup of coffee first thing in the morning, and to gasp at the beauty of a hawk gliding across the sky is powerful, healing, and all a part of waking up.

When we begin to wake up, we never do this all at once.

Waking up will be the most courageous thing we will ever do, and one we need to do with pacing and self-care. Waking up too fast can create feelings of anxiety, and we may inadvertently leave our bodies when we need to be grounded. Waking up too slow can cause us to become stuck in our story, lingering a bit too long beneath the covers.

We need to test the waters, becoming curious over time. We will begin to see the truth of our self, life, and how we are all part of something bigger. And then we run back beneath the covers, or walk the fence, jumping back and forth between old patterns and new insights. Yet, we need to keep moving.

Waking up means different things to different people.

For me, waking up means taking off my yellow glasses and seeing everything in my life and our world differently. It means knowing the truth, for better or for worse. Some of these sights would punch me in the gut at the depth of the unconsciousness of a person, and other times, the beauty of a person’s kindness would take my breath away, for a different reason.

Waking up means operating from my soul where I feel, act, see, and know things in an entirely different way. I feel my emotions instead of running from them. I replace blame with forgiveness and erect boundaries where guilt had kept me feeling small and worthless. I feel the incredible power of my gifts leading me to places I never imagined I could go.

You will discover what waking up means for you.

Waking up always involves having more compassion for ourselves and others.

When we wake up, we realize we deserve compassion for being alive, for deciding to go through this soul growth we call life. We replace old definitions because they now feel judgmental. Self-sabotage is simply jumping back beneath the covers, providing us a safe haven as a way to help us become used to changing our old patterns that felt so comfortable for so long, and this is normal.

Procrastination paces us to move forward when we feel guided. Denial is simply a coping skill we use so we can feel safer in a personal relationship or even our world until we can see the truth of how we create our own reality.

Failure is a sign in the road that lets us know we are not quite ready for the magnificence that will be coming our way.

When we wake up, we realize that we all needed tools to survive when we were sleeping, and it is when these methods stop working that we peek our head out from beneath the covers. When life forces us to stop and take notice, we know that all mistakes, failures, and challenges are gifts—signs that we have been given to help us wake up.

Waking up feels both amazing and scary. It feels empowering and overwhelming. It feels new, and also like we’ve been here before.

It does not matter if we are waking up by saying no to an old pattern, overcoming an addiction, realizing our intuitive gifts, opening our mind to something new, or just becoming authentic with who we truly are. It is an individual journey and a path we follow at our own pace. One where we pick up little bits of courage along the way, like bird seeds the Universe has left for us so we follow the trail that leads us into the flow of life.

We wake up when we are ready, and we stay awake when we feel secure enough, supported enough to step into our own love and light, the truth of who we really are.

This is where the magic begins, and our story never ends.


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