May 23, 2020

5 Ways to Slow Down when there’s Just No Damn Time.

Looking after small kids without help can be exhausting, and sometimes it feels impossible to find a moment to yourself.

These are 5 things I regularly use when I get busy…to become more mindful and to slow down.

 1. Watch your thoughts and body. Notice when you tense up or stop breathing? Use this moment to acknowledge your thoughts and to be more kind and gentle with yourself.

 2. Get out in nature and take a moment to be present. Watch the leaves, the trees, the flowers, the birds, the sky, the wind. Even if you can’t get out, can you glimpse the sky and some green through a window?

 3. Shake out your body. Don’t worry about looking ridiculous. Get rid of some tension. Use gravity and the feeling of heavy to realign your body.

 4. Take something off your to-do list. Does it really all need to be done?

 5. Breathe…


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