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May 30, 2020

A World Divided

For a long time I strayed from social media. I stay away from the news. I stay away from current events. I don’t have many people I talk to on a daily basis. I actually didn’t even know our world was headed into a “crisis” until I accidentally seen the presidential address during a random visit at my moms. I have been through so much the last few months, and haven’t shed hardly a tear. But today, I can’t stop crying. Because I’ve crawled out from my rock. And I see what’s unfolded over my break from the world.

I purposely wrote the whole world off based on everything I read and see and hear. Now the latest focus. Another hate crime on a man who “couldn’t breathe”.

We all know this isn’t the first, nor the last time this will happen. We all know that it’s been happening, the only difference is our upgrade in technology and with that, we see it.

But please tell me, when will it actually become more than what we just talk about. Or post about. When will it become so apparent how far away we have gotten from our purpose here on this planet, that we actually awaken. When will each person as an individual realize, until we begin healing ourselves from the inside out and stop being sheeple..nothing in our environments will change. We need to WAKE up. You don’t need to fix the government. You don’t need to fix white people. You don’t need to fix black people. Or cops. Or thugs. Or presidents. Or the economy. YOU NEED TO FIX YOURSELF. And THEY NEED TO FIX THEMSELVES. And WE need to HEAL INSIDE then as a unit HEAL OUR WORLD. But we are torn apart by beliefs and separated by them. BLAME is just another symptom of DIVISION . This IS NOT THE WAY.

The sad truth is. On a global scale it will probably never happen. For a few very clear reasons in my perspective. Global division, loss of true reason, loss of sense of true self and everyone living from different perspectives in a way that there is no room for a common ground or frame of reference for why we even exist.

We have our comforts such as religion and career and social norms. We have sets of rules we all abide by according to our own way of living. And the faces and masks we wear in the outside world. But we remain divided. How to attain a global unification is next to impossible. And as long as we all remain the way we have been living for millions of years, it will never stop.

Let me share my vision. The one I protect. The one I live by. No matter what has been done to me by another, I forgive. No matter what person I encounter in the world, we all beat from the same heart. No matter what path I may follow and you may walk on, we are both headed the same direction, to no longer live and breathe someday. And no person, here on this planet, has any right to take away the right to breathe. Color, social status, NOTHING…sets me above you. And the only thing that sets us apart is the vessel we have been given to travel this life in.

I believe we were put here to belong to each other. Help each other. Support each other. Lift each other, and let each other exist without judgement. I have yet to discover why hate truly exists. But it does. And it’s something we all will live until we too…can no longer breathe. I have accepted in my lifetime I will never experience true peace among the people. But with a little bit of hope, and a lot of trying…we can all make a bit of difference in that. If there was ever a time to wake up, now would be it.

Peace and love to all -Brooke Dione- Instagram @dione073184

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