May 5, 2020

She is So Damn Grateful you’re Gone.


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She is angry. 

She’s angry you never opened up to her.

She’s angry that you controlled her feelings, shut them down with manipulation, and shamed her for having them. 

She’s angry that all you cared about was your bottom line.

She’s angry that while she was loyal to you, you were lying to her.

She’s angry that you led her to believe it was for better or worse. 

She’s angry that you think you cared.

She’s angry that you lacked understanding, compassion, and sympathy in regards to her.

She’s angry you never cared enough to ask her how she was doing (ever). 

She’s angry that you may never read this.

She’s angry that if you are reading this, you are thinking she’s crazy instead of asking why she is saying it and your part in it.

She’s angry that you can tell her you don’t talk because you are afraid.

She’s angry because she knows even though she initiates communication, she will feel disappointed and more lost than before. 

She’s angry she was always willing to be vulnerable. 

She’s angry you ran from confrontation. 

She’s angry your family wasn’t more significant than your feelings—it’s called sacrifice. 

She’s angry that you were guarded.

She’s angry she was never important. 

She’s angry that your pride was over everything.

She’s angry you lied about marriage.

She’s angry that marriage to you is about who pays more bills.

She’s angry you belittled everything about her.

She’s angry because you are a good man who won’t face his problems. A man with brokenness buried deep. 

She’s angry because you would rather destroy everything than own up to your mistakes. 

She’s angry at you for deflecting.

She’s angry because you think you are perfect.

She’s angry you think she did all the above and below.

She’s angry because you were always emotionless.

She’s angry all this anger is justifiable.

She’s angry. You are right that she’s angry. 

She’s angry that you kept making her angry.

She’s angry that every time she let go of her anger, she was susceptible to you hurting her soul. 

She’s angry that you never saw that what you did was hurtful to her and your family.

She’s angry that you don’t think you have to change.

She’s angry that you think not talking and pushing everything under a rug is how you get through things in life. 

She’s angry that you don’t and won’t feel pain.

She’s angry that you think if you feel your pain, you will be less of a man.

She’s angry because you always treated her like an option.

She’s angry because you made her feel unworthy.

She’s angry that you never discussed problems with her.

She’s angry because you accused her of not trusting you, but you were never trustworthy. 

She’s angry because you think you were justified in hurting her.

She’s angry that you turned everything around on her.

She’s angry you never tried, promise after promise.

She’s angry that you think this is blame, but it’s her coping with what you did to her.

She’s angry you think everything is about you. 

She’s angry you think you know what’s best for her.

She’s angry that you display everything a narcissist is.

She’s angry you think you loved and cared for her. Ever. 

She’s angry because you judged her harshly.

She’s angry because you don’t know what sacrifice truly is.

She’s angry you mocked her.

She’s angry you wanted her to fix everything. 

She’s angry because you used the silent treatment to manipulate her.

She’s angry because you helped destroy the marriage by doing it your way. 

She’s angry she denied that you are emotionally and mentally abusive.

She’s angry she blamed herself.

She’s angry she gave you a pass or an excuse.

She’s angry she knew better.

She’s angry because she just made herself a victim.

She’s angry she can’t focus. 

She’s angry she can’t get you out of her head. 

She’s angry because you think she was never depressed.

She’s angry that when you looked at her and the pain in her eyes, you went about your business. 

She’s angry you never supported her like a real man or husband. 

She’s angry because you never cared about her healing from your infidelity

She’s angry she had to figure out how to cope on her own. 

She’s angry. You were never sorry about it.

She’s angry you wanted to make that mistake again. 

She’s angry you didn’t think you made mistakes.

She’s angry you blamed her for your infidelity. 

She’s angry things got lost in silence.

She’s angry because she is misunderstood.

She’s angry because it took a third time to leave you finally. 

She’s angry you finessed her back the other two times. 

She’s angry no one will ever believe how awful you were to her.

She’s angry she was loyal to a cheater.

She’s angry because it took her so long to realize you were no good for her.

She’s grateful. You made her stronger, wiser, and ready for the last, perfect love of her life. 

You helped her transform when you took away your love.

She gained strength with every punch to her gut and every stab to her heart.

She’s grateful. Her heart was strong enough to endure tremendous pain because now it’s ready to receive what is for her highest good. 

She’s grateful because, without you, she would not know her true worth.

She’s grateful for all you’ve shown her.

She’s grateful you walked away, it was the least you could do.

She’s grateful she’s ready to love again.

She’s grateful for transformation

She’s grateful for God’s love.

She’s grateful for self-love.

She’s grateful for new beginnings.

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