May 29, 2020

For the Ones who aren’t Afraid to Walk Alone.

Your eyes are bright; your is smile radiant and wide.

Your mind is focused. You’re going to explore outside.

You have a plan. You thought it through, long and hard. Let’s walk the walk and forget about worries and pride.

One step after another, make steady progress ahead. Forget ill-wishers, put those b*tches to bed.

It’s a bit cold, no leaves around your shoulders. You walk alone; you’ve become stronger and bolder.

You grow in beauty and presence—now they want a piece of you. The offer is nice, but you reply, “Thank you, I don’t want it.” This is not a walk for two.

Every now and then, you may stumble, but proud and upright you stay. You may stop for some warmth, or to recharge, you may. You walk ahead; sometimes the path is prickly and rough. It feels like eons have gone by. Your legs are tired and tough.

You walk the walk. You see the sky and feel the tide. You walk alone—there’s no one there, nowhere to hide.

You pick up some stones in the shape of a heart. You hold them in your hand; they are cold to the touch. You throw them away, don’t want them in your bed.

While you talk to yourself, you hear the voices from your past—people you loved and cherished. They are holding on, tight and fast. Do you ever look back, do you turn around and check? You walk alone. Do you mind what is behind your back?

You ask yourself: is this walk meant for me? Have I gone too far? Am I walking too fast? How long is it going to be? Days, weeks, and months—the succession is long. You walk alone. You wipe the slate of the past.

You chose this walk; it has become bigger than you. You walk alone—now you wish there was room for two. You chose this walk to discover the beauty inside. You walk alone, let the walk be your guide.

You walk alone. The more you see, the more your horizon will grow. Sometimes you can’t believe the beauty. Sometimes you look up and stab your toe.

You walk alone. You are tired and worn—you’ve had enough. You just want to be home.

You have a little rest, gather your thoughts, and stay longer in bed. You pick up your sticks. You make the map in your head.

You will walk this walk—always walk straight ahead.


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Read 4 comments and reply

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