May 5, 2020

Full Moon in Scorpio May 7th: Ignite your Raw Love through Connection & Change.

“Whether it’s science or magic, if it’s of fun benefit, enjoy!” ~ ed.


Life is crazy at the moment, and at any time it can all change.

We, as a collective, are learning how to embrace change, be more flexible, and most importantly let go of our old ways, as we think of how life needs to be lived.

As we let go, we open the door to possibility, yet we must be willing to shift our perspective, change our beliefs, and become open-minded.

As above, so below. We are not separate from one another, the world, and the universe at large. Things happen for a reason, and it is chaos that forces humans to change behavior and become open to new realities. Perhaps now, as a collective, we all must do our part to become more united, less divided, and more sincere in ourselves and how we connect and communicate with others.

As life shifts, and we all experience different mental and emotional changes, we inevitably are all being forced to take better care of ourselves and upgrade our values, so that we can find balance and harmony and live better. We must tame our mental and emotional energies, and realize how we impact others and the world.

The full moon in Scorpio on May 7th is transforming us from the inside out.

I know we all have deep attachments and thoughts about how life needs to be, and with that there is a lot of fear, often unconsciously. Yet, all those stresses and things we hold in our mind and body will continue to create more stress and dis-ease until we choose to change our ways.

This full moon in Scorpio is supercharged and heating us up from the inside, and reflecting where we are out of balance. Cycles end, things change, and astrology and the moon can share ancient wisdom and new perspective in how connected we are to nature, to ourselves, and to one another. It can open our eyes to a new perspective and help us tame our mental and emotional energy as well.

Now is the time to deal with our demons, feel our pains, and do the inner work to deal with the trauma that’s haunting us. Scorpio is raw and real passion. Yet, that kind of fire must be lit inside and we must choose to hold integrity and act in honest and real ways. Until we deal with the insecurities, fears, and beliefs that are holding us back, we won’t change and reality won’t change.

We are seeing a changing world, a shifting paradigm, and the need to overcome ignorance, aggression, greed, and become more mindful, kind, loving, compassionate, caring—and most of all, more human. 

We can only can transform through one another and by letting go.

The shadow of Scorpio is one that can allow our darkness and poor behaviors and actions to sabotage us. As we try to get what we want, do as we always do, and stay with what’s comfortable, we often recreate the same things, without learning the lessons. Scorpio requires us to consciously evolve and be willing to transform. Yet to do that, we must be willing to look at our shadows, understand who we are, and live in more authentic and real forms.

The energy of Scorpio can be intense. It’s raw, truthful honest, and real passion that can be wild, when unleashed. Yet if life teaches us anything, it’s that without having passion, beyond a job or title or money, we often live unfilled and remain asleep to our true selves. 

Because the way to love and connection is to embody who you are, and understand who that is, and live your truth in every form. To do that, you need to be willing to connect to yourself and others, and show up in honest and real ways. 

Integrity is valuable and required to move out of fear, and develop into a state of love. Speaking words that are honest, empowering people, and believing that life can support us all is how we overcome the fear and upshift our energy.

This super full moon has intense angels and is shifting how we live, think, and relate to one another. It is stirring deep emotions, our needs, and our raw desires that keep us acting as we do. Watch your sexual energy and how your own deep needs and desires may cause you to act out, speak out, or get emotionally or mentally or sexually frustrated.

Scorpio also rules the genitals and can create intense sexual and creative energy. Become mindful of the patterns and discerning what may need to change and the patterns that may contain you, can keep you from acting out.

Scorpio energy is loyal, passionate, and most of them have a strong sense of individuality and know what they want. How Scorpio plays out in your life and energy depends on your astrology chart. Scorpio is fierce and wild love, with loyalty and authenticity. Yet, to get that kind of energy, we must become so connected to ourselves and have a clear vision in order to live with more passion and fulfillment and a deeper connection.

We will chase our desires and act out in different forms until we can balance ourselves and align with the core of our heart and our deepest, innermost desires.

This full moon is clearing the emotional and mental blocks that are keeping us from moving forward and thinking bigger. Yet to utilize this energy, you must connect to your heart, take action, and create the internal change you want for yourself and your reality.

Transformation is possible for us all, yet we are required to do the work, see our shadows and where we get stuck, and be willing to transform our negative tendencies to live in more loving forms.

While we want what we want, manipulating, lying, and using our will to chase, while acting out our own sins, sorrows, and vices, may keep us from mentally and emotionally maturing. Yet in time, we all learn, and now, the question is whether we as individuals will dare to improve our behaviors and learn more loving ways of living. Can we change and let go and modify our behaviors and how we treat ourselves and others?

Unless we do the work to transform, and heal the relationship we have with ourselves, we won’t attract that loving relationship and we may continue to let fear rule us, until we move into a deeper state of love. 

So let go on this full moon, feel into the emotions and whatever is stirring in your mind and body. Consider what you want long-term in life, and consider what needs to change to receive it and create it.

The Scorpio energy is deep love, but it’s mysterious, truthful, loyal, and found by connecting to ourselves and our hearts desire and passions first, and living in alignment with ourselves.

You need to be willing to feel into your own depth, love with your whole heart, and chase whatever your real dream is, beyond simply getting a quick fix. Real fulfillment and pleasure is what drives life, love, and, most of all, joy.

Let it in, and let the rest be. Balance your stress, and wake up to this new world that is being birthed and become open to the possibility of life becoming more enjoyable…it all begins with our mind, and tuning into our heart.


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