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May 3, 2020

New Day-Even after darkest hours there is a New Day!


Amongst all the hard lessons that we learn in our lifetime, the lesson of hope is the most precious one!


How I see life today, there is a lot of uncertainty and a constant fear of the unknown is alarmingly present throughout our day, from start to finish.

I and many others, are surrounded by our nearest and dearest, trying to hold the fort against a tide of bad news.

We are forced to retract into our internal human shells and cope with everyday life from a new restricted ground.

My and minds of such curious folk, are preoccupied with examining and questioning our lives.

We are pushed to ask very important questions of meaning and fragility of our existence, that is suddenly easily revealed.

What helps and grounds me, day to day, is the fact that life and nature run their own course, regardless of all our worries, problems and fears.

I look through my living room window into the garden and see a change of seasons, from winter to spring, spring to summer, same as ever.


We can’t stop life from growing around us, inside us, next to us!

Nature will prevail, rise from the ashes of destruction, pain, death and defeat.

A new dawn, a new day will shine in all of it’s splendid glory, we need to embrace it and carry on…


New Day

Tired and weary from striding ahead,

Lay down slowly on your earthly bed,

Let your mind settle inside your head.


Pretend it’s soft grass inside your pillows,

Gently drift away to the land of mirrors.


Wrap around tightly in clouds so deep,

Shadows and darkness can’t stop your sleep.


Hours upon hours it’s all the same,

Your dreams will grow and grow,

No light to blame.


Then in the morning, sun send a warning.


Cobwebs are cleared, 

Thoughts fresh and bright.

It’s the start of a new day,

It’s the end of the night.


Stretch your arms and fingers, toes and feet,

Listen to every sound and beat,

Knock and chirp, footstep and voice.


New day, new daay, 

New day is rising.

What you do,

Is  YOUR choice.



Author: Maja Sreckovic

Image: M Sreckovic


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Read 5 comments and reply

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