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May 31, 2020

Spirit of love

In the end, its all about love.

Pure, true, love. Manifested from deep within the roots of your soul. The parts of you locked away. Protected, either consciously or subconsciously. Loving yourself, loving others, loving the very ground you step on. Loving the way the earth comforts your body as you lay on its grass. The way the sun feels as its seeping into your skin through the leaves of the trees above you. That feeling you get next to an ocean, a river..a mountain side. The warmth in your chest Watching the light dim in the sky, and the first few stars begin peeking out of nowhere. That feeling. That emotion. That presence of knowing theres so much more to you, and every other being you encounter..than what meets the eye or even the brain.

This is what peace is derived from. Inner peace, the kindest, most gentle, and hard to attain type of peace. Not being shaken by daily irritations. Not getting caught up in the social norm or erratic rushing through each moment of the days, weeks, years. That moment you remember to stop, inhale, and exhale to be mindful and present, aware.

Love is not selfish. Not possesive. Love is not the lust you feel when encountering something or someone that brings you pleasure. Love is not one sided, demanding or impatient. Though these negative reactions to love can happen. They can be brought out in anyone with a depth and passionate is what counteracts those reactions.

Love that begins within oneself, for oneself…is the key to healthy relationships and lifestyles. When found, it radiates through you..and outward to your surroundings. It magnetizes and shines beyond physical sight and creates a genuine energy that comforts all in its company. Love has a chance to emit every morning you wake, and every night you close your eyes. Love is a choice, choose wisely.

*brooke dione* Peace and love to all

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