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May 20, 2020

Spiritual Entrepreneurs, Your Shit Does Not Disqualify You From Service

For all my spiritual entrepreneurs out there doing “the work,” I want to let you know that your shit does not disqualify you from service.

I notice this a lot as a business coach serving the spiritual types: healers, personal development experts, transformational coaches, etc, and it drives me CRAZY when I hear someone who’s extremely talented go:

“I want to grow my business, I want to step into leadership, I want to make money and have influence, I want to serve others… but I’m not ready yet. I have more work to do on myself.”

Last week one beautiful reached out to me about working together but then came to the conclusion that she had MORE HEALING TO DO.

That struck a chord with me because I’ve been there. And it felt limiting AF.

Feeling like I needed another ceremony,
another round of shadow work,
another hypnotherapy to rewire my beliefs,
more meditation courses…
yada yada.

I postponed launching my business and my gifts during all of that.

Which some of that was important work, yes, but some of it was actually keeping me stuck and small.

Remember, I live on Bali where many brilliant people get stuck in the loop of more healing…more work…more personal growth…vs. actually implementing and sharing what they already have!

It’s quite selfish actually. I’ve been very selfish with my gifts in the past.

Maybe you’ve been selfish, too.
Maybe you’re still being selfish right now, too.

So I decided to call this woman out (and call her forward) and share that this is something I’ve seen for years in the spiritual communities I’ve been a part of (and she found me in one of those woo manifestation Facebook groups), that an unintended consequence of some of this type of personal development work is actually keeping you SMALL.

That you can run the risk of getting into the rabbit hole and always feeling like you’re not “there” yet and not ready yet.


That you still need another course.
Another healing session.
Another month to process.
Another certification.

And while the desire itself to grow & heal is beautiful, when it gets IN THE WAY of action, when it becomes a block to your gifts and to seeing your perfect imperfection and your ability to show up and create AND deepen your self-work AT THE SAME TIME, then I see it being problematic.

So my message today for you is to let your growth be a never-ending journey and let it operate co-centrically and cooperatively with your work, your business, however you choose to thrive as a grounded leader in the real third dimensional plane!

I’m ALWAYS working on my myself…
I’m proud to be very spiritual. Plant medicines, bodywork, tantra, meditation, therapy, de-armoring, you name it, I’m into it if it helps me consciously up-level.

AND I’m not going to sit around and falsely wait to be “done” or “there” or “ready.”

Hell, I’ve never been ready for anything I’ve done and I can tell you I didn’t get to be living on a tropical island running a soul-aligned business that’s brought me 6-figure revenue just in the last several months by being READY?! By being PERFECT? By feeling complete in my own work?!

Nope! Never. Not even close.

I believe it’s my full embrace of the unknown and the growth and the learning and the mistakes and the journeying inside as well as journeying outside all mixed up together in the delicious juice of life that has made this one-woman entrepreneur circus work for the last 5 years.

Spiritual entrepreneurs, now is your time to rise (like literally actually right now is probably the best moment ever, the world needs you), so please keep doing your inner work and please also keep doing your real world work so you can be as powerful and resourced and influential as you are deep.

Let healing be of service to you and the world and not an obstacle to your unavoidable success.

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