May 26, 2020

I Hope you Find a Love Like This. {Video}


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“The modern individualist world is a world which presents humanity as a collection of single entities. Each is one…The passage from one to two is a revolution; a great revolution” ~ Alain Badiou


We desperately need to rethink modern love.

In this must-watch short film featuring Alain Badiou, renowned French philosopher and academic, he tells us about how love and intimacy are vehicles to counter modern-day individualism.

Our modern society, that has drifted so far from community, tells us that we need to focus solely on our own needs. That we need to guard ourselves against vulnerability.

It tells us that the less we show that we care, and the less we show that we feel, the happier we will be.

This idea has become so deeply embedded in how we behave that when we act openly, we are likely to be met with closeness, which leaves us wondering if it was a good decision to open up in the first place.

Modern love is unkind. Modern love is devoid of soul.

I think what drives us to hold back the most is not the popular opinion that we cannot accept that love is risky, but that we fear being met with unkindness.

Our natural reaction is that we curl away and retreat from love and its very possibility.

But love should never be unkind.

What humanity needs is the exact opposite.

Love—in how it opens up our hearts despite our many resistances—could be a wonderful tool to reverse the emphasis on the individual, and slowly move back to an emphasis on all.

Let’s make love genuine again.

Let’s revolutionize love.

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