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June 30, 2020

Covid and what we can learn, tipping point and needing to change quickly

Slow and steady wins the race.

But have we lost that luxury Covid I ask?


On my morning walk I came across this little guy working his way to the other side, slowly but surely. Was he going to make it before being stomped on or run over? All I could think was ‘speed up buddy’ you are in danger of not making it. For the remainder of my walk I took that thought to heart and how it may also apply to the world at large.


This is an observation and opinion piece and you have the choice to take it or leave it, however I do hope that it gives you something to think about. I am not looking for agreement nor criticism, just thought and consideration.


Are we coming too close to the point of being able to reverse the trajectory we all seem to see coming? Are we going to wake up in enough time and critical mass to save ourselves? Not to be doom and gloom but we need to take our heads out of the sand and start rallying for our rights, freedoms and health peacefully and in seriously large numbers.


Slow and steady worked for the likes of Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, and Martin Luther King Jr. to name a few. But have we lost that luxury Covid I ask?


We are not deficient in drugs slated as magic pills curing what ails us, and vaccines deemed to protect us. Yes, they have their place but not to the extreme extent that we have come to rely on them for our health and well-being. Forgetting that we have the power to create health and well being through prevention and healthy lifestyle choices.


We are deficient in love in all its forms, primarily for self. Creating a recipe for ill health mentally and physically. Making stress a badge of honor and disease something we have no control over. Becoming victims of our choices and blaming someone else so we don’t have to take responsibility for changing. Being far too comfortable in the status quo and band aid solutions.


Technology has connected us globally but the real pandemics of Narcissism, greed, every man and country out for themselves, external power, unresolved grief and emotional trauma, preventable diseases, depression and mental health issues, and materialism in all its forms has divided us and blinded us to the damage we are doing to the planet and ourselves.


Is Covid a wake-up call or a death sentence? I would like to believe it is a wake-up call and to wake up fast. This gives me hope. However, the fear and control being exuded by the elite few for the purposes of greed and power concerns me. Sure, this may be speculation, or it may be truth. But do we really have time to sit back and wait to see?


The Tipping point is fast approaching if not already here. And if so, which way it has tipped is up for debate I am sure.

We cannot solve our problems with the same mentality and behaviors that created them.


What the world needs now is love sweet love. How long do we have to keep singing this song for it to finally stick in a meaningful and impactful way?


Hate is NOT working for us.


Individual obstacles to overcome for many to get there could be wounds past and present, blind faith and naive ignorance, fear in the guise of hate, limiting beliefs that don’t serve, greed, and separation as if our actions don’t impact anyone.


Find a way to love your enemy and stop hating anyone who is different.

If you can’t do that then you are a part of the problem not the solution.


What happened to the Golden Rule? Do unto others.


What have we committed to with conviction? Greed, over consumption, speed, hate, addictions in all forms, me against them, judgment and now fear.


Where is the commitment to love, trust, equality, we are in this together, nature, the environment, real health versus artificial health, and truth?


I am a positive person and eternal optimist, finding solutions and creating hope. However, I am concerned that we are at a critical juncture and slow and steady towards the tipping point of no return is not going to win this race.


So wake up, do your work, take responsibility, stop being sheep and question everything, become an informed choice maker, get healthy like your life depends on it because it does, support people who are trying to make the world better, stop supporting those that are really only out for their own financial gain, love each other, stop the hate, heal yourself, teach your children to stop judging it is a learned behaviour, forgive and keep forgiving, and stop doing anything that contributes to the destruction of nature and the planet. A bit easier said then done ask I know, but time is fleeting and Covid is our greatest teacher.


This the most in your face (masks) wake up call mankind has been faced with, are we going to pass the test? If we are to pass it starts with each of us individually. Are you going to pass the test?


Maybe it’s time for a fast and strong approach. Covid spreads fast, can we this superior species work just as fast and hard?


There are a lot of good people doing great things for the planet and people. Join them, participate in any small or large way that you can. Spread their words, not the words of hate and fear.


If you haven’t heard of the hundredth monkey effect Wikipedia describes it as follows;


The hundredth monkey effect is a hypothetical phenomenon in which a new behaviour or idea is said to spread rapidly by unexplained means from one group to all related groups once a critical number of members of one group exhibit the new behaviour or acknowledge the new idea.’


Choose your thoughts, actions and behaviours wisely. They are contagious. Do you want to spread love and trust or hate and fear? You decide but remember what we need now is fast and strong.


Now go do something, anything to make things better, share this article even.


Yours truly in peace and love.

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Read 2 comments and reply

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