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June 25, 2020

Enough with the hate and bigotry- Not all cops are bad!

This may be a controversial statement, but honestly it shouldn’t be. Hate is not ok. I don’t care who is at the receiving end of it. As I watch the news and see hate driving our country right now I am deeply saddened and angry. Since when has violence ever been a socially acceptable way to find change? Since when has assassinating an innocent person in the name of a cause ever been ok??? Since when has silence during another’s plight been ok? It’s not. Its apathy and I don’t care who you are or what you look like it’s wrong. I know that black lives matter. They matter! And I will shout that shit at the top of my lungs. But you know what? Innocent police officers who have never engaged in racist behaviors and risk their lives for you every day- their lives matter too, and there is an all out assault on them right now, and the silent masses that are watching and applauding their suffering need to stop. 

Violence is never ok to prove a point, and the push for cops to stand down while businesses are being destroyed during an economic recession is disgusting. We are a country divided and it’s because we are choosing to be. Don’t get me wrong- I believe that there is work to be done and things need to change with police brutality and race relations, but I do NOT believe that all cops are bad as much as I don’t believe that all black people should be stereotyped. Toppling the infrastructure of our economy and putting others safety at risk through angry mob mentality is not what our founding fathers wanted, it’s not what I want, its not what I want for my family.

Anarchy and civil unrest do not solve systemic issues. They create them. It’s time to have a real conversation about what’s going on and heal from the past and create a better future. These dialogues cannot happen unless there is space to be vulnerable about different thoughts and belief systems without having to have angry fingers pointed at you and name calling if you don’t tote the company line. I would also argue that destruction and violent behavior are not respectable ways to make change. In fact, I would say it actually accomplishes the opposite. Mob mentality and rage may be effective tools in bringing attention to a broken system, but a war against innocent people should never be socially acceptable, and it will cause people to ask questions about the legitimacy of the cause. 

I’m asking questions. I’m wondering what is to come of this country. If you dismantle police departments who will answer the call when your young daughter gets sexually assaulted? Joe from down the street? With all his training and experience? What if one of your loved one’s homes gets robbed? What then? Are you or a “social worker” going to “Blues Clues” your way through an investigation and figure out who did it? What happens when you figure it out? Are you going to go have words with that person? What are you going to bring to protect yourself during this conversation? Your altruistic attitude and a bunch of words or do you plan to bring a gun? What if he decides he doesn’t like being accused of robbery and tells you to f*** off? What then? Do you just shrug and say let’s let bygones be bygones??? Go for it, Karen. Let’s see how that works out for you.

I get it that there are corrupt cops in this country but you know who else is corrupt??? LITERALLY EVERY OTHER PROFESSION THAT INVOLVES HUMANS. Yeah cops should be held to a higher standard and so should teachers, politicians, firefighters, priests, people who handle your food, people who handle your health, people who handle your mind, people who handle your children, people who handle fixing your home – EVERYONE SHOULD BE HELD TO A HIGHER STANDARD! Racism is not ok, and neither is destroying people’s livelihoods during an economic crisis. Are you kidding me?? This is how we are choosing to solve problems during a time of economic hardship for our country? By destroying businesses that employ others? Give me a break. This is a bully tactic and I cannot and won’t respect it. 

I am unsure of how this article will be received in this venue, or if I will be called a “racist” for not supporting the common narrative, but I am going to say what I need to say and hopefully effect some change. I am not racist. I will not own that label. I will speak my truth and stand firm in what I believe and that is that no one should feel unsafe in their communities – this goes for minorities, majorities, and also for the police. Changes need to be made and part of those changes mean people feeling safe and allowed to speak what’s on their minds and hearts and ask questions without worrying that they will be labeled, shamed, and silenced. 

The mission of BLM is being undermined by a bunch of criminals who are trying to grab power during this “opening” created by the tragic death of George Floyd, and this shit has to stop. We need to act like adults and problem solve this otherwise you’re going to be paying dues to organized crime for the protection you want for your property and family, and based off the HBO specials I’ve seen, that typically doesn’t go well for the community. 

Fix the issues but don’t reinvent the wheel because your new and improved system could be a big lesson in what happens when you don’t speak out against violence and allow your life to be controlled by mob mentality. We can fix these issues but we have to work together and come from a place of love and not rage.

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