June 25, 2020

One Truth to Take with us when Life gets Overwhelming.


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This past weekend was a doozy. Did you feel it?

A New Moon, the Summer Solstice, and a Solar Eclipse all packaged tightly into side-by-side days.

If you are one to celebrate Father’s Day or International Yoga Day (both last Sunday), then you might have been especially busy recognizing and celebrating all of those important things.

To top it all off, at one point, a friend of mine pointed out that in addition to the above significant dates, Sunday was also “End of the World Day,” according to the Mayan Calendar, as interpreted by counting the dates in the Julian Calendar.

Keeping up? It’s too much.

But what we can look to are the things that give us a sense of centering. For me, I chose to turn my attention to friends, nature, and my own mindset.

I kicked off my weekend by giving New Moon Tarot readings to neighbors who have been quarantining with me for what seems like eons. When we engage in pastimes that interest us or spend time with people we care about, we can better kick overwhelming feelings of expectation (or imminent doom) to the curb.

Saturday morning began with a six-mile hike with a friend through the nearby jungle paths that lead to the ocean, followed by another 36 hours of completely vegging out. It was needed. Friends and nature—these things just make us feel good.

I made a few phone calls to brothers who are fathers, and spent some quality time with my darling dog, Kona, taking her on a rainy Sunday drive through Nicaragua’s lush, muddy countryside to wrap up the weekend.

It all helped. My head was cleared, and I found the space to reboot and focus on what successes this week can manifest.

Finally, things are starting to feel as if there is an order to them.

Balancing our good times with the downtimes, and chill vibes with our work vibes, is a necessity for all of us, no matter what kinds of expectations, holidays, or global unease we experience in our days.

And these days are just flying by, aren’t they? For me, they are packed with coaching clients, teaching teenagers, writing books, all while trying to burn off the COVID-19 weight I gained from comfort-eating through the first couple months of spin-out.

Looking ahead, the next few weeks call for more focus in manifesting the things I truly seek:

>> The growth of my business in such a way that I can meet new people and connect in ways that support them
>> Improving my writing so that I can finish and publish my book and send it out into the world
>> Zeroing in on my living situation and what needs I have (for belongings and people)

Take a look ahead. Are you focused on what you want to manifest for yourself?

One truth to take with you:

Manifesting starts with a clear mind and an open heart.

>> Focus your intention, and commit to seeing your daily tasks through.
>> Contemplate: what is it you really want? 
>> Ponder: what steps can you take each day to make this happen?

Both big and small, these thoughts and acts edge us forward, propelling our purpose, and creating the life we want.

Go get it!



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