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June 9, 2020

Staying in the Light vs Being Uncomfortable

“When Injustice Becomes Law, Resistance Becomes Duty”
~ Thomas Jefferson

While I could never have predicted the outpouring of resistance to the murder of George Floyd we are in at this space in time, it is not surprising. To be clear, I am and will be eternally grateful for all who are raising their voices, marching, donating money, supplying water, food, masks, hand sanitizer, etc for our protestors. Thank you.

I want to take you back to the days following the election of trump, to share the conversation I had with a fellow angel card reader. While many of us were overwhelmed by reality, this particular person was extolling the virtues of how much light would come out of this dreadful decision. In hindsight, she was right, but so was I.

I have heard my share of various themes of – give it to the light, stay in the light, release your fear, etc. etc. etc. Here is the real deal. Before and directly after the election, I answered my son’s flippant remark of “How much damage can “he” do in 4 years?” with what I saw, clear as day. I don’t consider myself a seer, but I do have premonitions (?) if that is the right word. What I saw was not  a premonition. I saw the dismantling of America, with a landscape of broken black and brown bloodied bodies. I saw institutions demolished, or diminished, I saw pollution running rampant and the selfish celebration of self and greed run amok. I tried to tell him all this, and he literally called me crazy. Earlier this year, he apologized, saying he would have never believed so much damage could be done, with such through disregard for people or the planet, by a single administration.

Going back to the day after the election Facebook conversation, I tried to tell the “spiritual – all will be well and look how much light this will bring” person that the light she referred to would be paid for in the blood of people who did not look like her. In fact, she would be just fine with her blond hair and blue eyes. I suppose I didn’t have to add that as a black person, I am damned tired of ALWAYS being the ones to “bring the light, shed the light or enlighten” other people. What she heard was me accusing her of racism. This is a person I met, spent time with and conversed with pretty regularly. She was not willing to acknowledge any of my fears for “my people” because she was so sure the Light would protect us all.

I am a firm believer in everyday spiritualism. Or being on the spiritual path for real people. People like me who cuss, mess up and need help from time to time. Since so many black folks are in church, most of the people I interact with are not people of color. That has been fine until this week. This week, if any of  the spiritual material I receive has NOT acknowledge the Black Lives Matter movement, I have unsubscribed. After all, if you cannot see me, why should I bother reading whatever you have to say?

On a positive note, the majority of the groups I follow from UltraViolet, to GreenPeace to Uber and even Macy’s have all weighed in, acknowledging their willingness to make changes in policy. It’s a refreshing and long overdue recognition of the pain and suffering my people, who are also part of the human race have endured for centuries.

Change is  in the wind. Buckle up and get on board – Or not. It’s your choice but “Staying in the Light” will not save you. It is time for Action! These are the times we have been waiting for and we are the people who will usher in the new world we all have worked and waited for.

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