June 12, 2020

The Death of George Floyd is a Wake-up call to End White Supremacy.

Today, I had to stop.





Feel my heavy heart on my delicate chest.

Today, I had to sit and allow my tears to fall—unknown tears. 

The whole world is crying and screaming “enough.”

Today, I couldn’t lift my eyes with the same excitement I usually have when I start my day. I had a deep look into my own reflection in the mirror, and noticed how my nervous system is powerless.

I took my journal and pinned down my feelings, as the world goes through what they call “a dark night of the soul.” I had to sit and do nothing but contemplate on my personal life and the lives out there, and specifically on the protests against the injustice of George Floyd’s death.

How many more similar death are we going to allow? How many more?

I took the time to sit and contemplate on our American world and American life over the last few days as black people protest for their rights. Sadly, our skin colour is a reason to compete and fight against each other.

I have been an immigrant in the United States for the last three years, and I can tell that there are lots of issues to solve. But, racism should not be one of them in 2020 especially in the U.S., the supposedly diverse land that welcomes everyone on its endless, tender lap. 

We have had enough.

We can no longer ignore our issues as human beings.

Each one of us has to raise their voice and do something about these issues.

First, we need to allow these uncomfortable problems to sit with us and let them make us feel sad or heavy. Then, we need to contemplate on ways that we can make this world feel more at ease, more at peace.

We can only do so by bringing necessary changes within our frame of mind and our beliefs.

Just because something does not touch us directly, it does not mean it won’t affect us in the long run, or that it does not exist. 

We need to sit still and see what kind of world we are creating with each breath.

I’m feeling that our personal lives affect the lives of all, and the whole world affects our personal lives as well. We are not separate from the whole, we only fool ourselves if we think we are.

Racism has never been so aggressively filmed and shown to white people until recently. And we need to show up and play our part in solving it, somehow.

We can do so by starting to be less scared of other humans who have a different skin color than ours. Let’s see our own reflection in them while opening our minds and hearts to receive a new wave of awakening.

We can become curious and seek to know more about the culture and the world of people of color.

Let’s target children of different colors and let them gather to learn more about each other. We can teach them understanding, compassion, and allow them to grow into amazing human beings who don’t see colors. Instead of having their little minds corrupted and manipulated, let’s teach them how to be kind to the world.

We need to change the way we relate to life and raise our children’s awareness to learn how to coexist in our differences. We must realize how powerful and beautiful it is to live in diversity.

We can also bring change through patience and listening to others while respecting our differences, color, mentalities, and beliefs.

We can decorate our inner world with thoughts that generate softness and gentleness toward the self and others.

We are humans, which means we will never be “perfect,” whatever that word means, anyway.

But, we can try to bring new shifts into the world. The earth is not only your home or my home; it is everyone and every living being’s home. It’s time we change our ways of being on this planet.

And it is urgent.

It does not matter if you are a politician, a police officer, a musician, an engineer, an artist, black, white, brown, or pink. It does not matter if you are rich or poor.

Everything in this world starts with us and our level of consciousness.

Our awareness can never expand if we don’t learn that love is the answer to all our problems. Violence had never been the answer and it never will; nor ignorance.

Love has a way of breaking us so the light can penetrate our hearts and transformation can begin.

May we unite into one race.


Watch an anti-racism hour with Jane Elliott talking with Waylon Lewis of Elephant, here.

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Read 2 comments and reply

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