June 20, 2020

What it Truly means to “Be Here Now.”

If you had the capacity within you to truly fathom just how profound and precious this human experience is, as you are, you wouldn’t be trying to change, fight, or control anything. Ever.

If you could truly understand the utter perfection of here and now, of time and space, you would simply be grateful for, and savor, each and every single moment, as it is happening in the reality of the present.

When your human experience comes to an end and your soul transitions out of your body and away from your personality and the earth which holds you, will you feel regret for all of the time you spent hurrying through your life in an attempt to find other, “better” states of being? 

Will you feel remorse for spending your precious, one life in an obsessive chase to achieve every desire and impulse without being mindful of “why” and “what” you are consistently “consuming?”

Slow down. You’re not going to miss anything. Use this lifetime wisely. Use this body vehicle wisely, because it will return to dust. 

When you’re in your heart, you’re in the Kingdom. Realize that Heaven is here. It’s not some magical, blissful, fantasy land up in the sky or in outer space somewhere that you may go to when you die, only if you’ve been “good enough.” Realize that Nirvana is now. Realize that the immeasurable abundance of Now that you spent all of your life ignoring and hurrying through is actually, truly, Paradise—the Promised Land.

Mind identification leaves you blind to the Divine. As soon as you realize and know this without a shudder of any doubt, your life will never be the same again. Know that you are already free. You are formless, boundless awareness. You are presence. 

In every way, this awareness is consistently seeking to get your attention; it is pleading with you to be still and awaken to the magic that is right before your very own eyes. 

Sit in silence and stillness and inquire to your true nature. Who are you, really? How deeply have you come to know your true Self? The answer can only be found within.

So just sit down and enjoy the presence of your Being.


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Read 2 comments and reply

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