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June 1, 2020

Why Meditation Will Make Your Life Better

This was taken from a conversation with Suzanne Hill, owner of the Ohm Center in New York City, while she was a guest on the ACHiEVE podcast.

“When you want to go into a deeper state, your mind has to be willing to start to let go of limitations. We have to slowly start to release our judgments about things and bring our awareness to that which we’re creating limitation around.”

She went on to share what she loves most about teaching meditation.

“The biggest reason why I love to teach meditation is that people come to it because they’re upset about something. It’s about getting yourself into a state of energy where you accept everything that happens, even though nothing in your life has changed. Your experience and relationship to all those things has shifted and become absolutely more harmonious and you are more accepting of those things.”

This is a brilliant description of the benefits of meditation.

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