July 9, 2020

5 Solid Ways to Help you Manifest Like a Boss.

Are you wondering why you’re not manifesting your dreams and desires?

Are you ready to make your dreams and desires manifest like a boss?

The voice on the other end told me that I won $100,000. I was literally jumping up and down, and my mind was flashing through all the images of all the things I wanted to buy and all the things I wanted to do with the money. This was only the beginning of my manifestation journey.

My first introduction to the Law of Attraction was about five years ago when I watched “The Secret.” The movie was a pivotal moment for me as it opened my eyes to the limitless possibilities that the universe has to offer—watching it simply ignited something within me.

After watching “The Secret,” I was so excited that I remember leaping into action and applying everything I learned so that I could start manifesting. I wrote a check to myself for $100,000 and signed it from the universe. I made a vision board and planned out exactly how I would spend the money. I wrote out affirmations and tried to keep myself in a high vibe as I waited with excitement for the money to arrive.

I checked the mailbox daily, and after a few months of finding bills and even some really big unexpected ones, I began to feel defeated, until one day when I received “the call.”

The voice on the other end told me that I won $100,000. I couldn’t believe it. I was so excited that I was literally jumping up and down, and dreaming about all the things I was going to do and buy with the money. As the conversation went on, my heart sank as I realized it was a scam. But, I began to realize what a great manifest-er I was because everything I focused on actually manifested.

I focused on bills and they multiplied in my mailbox. I focused on not being able to attract $100,000, and I manifested a scam. Once I realized that I was manifesting all the wrong things, I started to pay attention and learned how to leverage the Law of Attraction to manifest like a boss.

Applying the Law of Attraction, I’ve manifested $225,000 in cash. I manifested our current home right down to the kitchen I wanted, a firepit with the most amazing sunsets, an all-expenses-paid trip to Hawaii, a trip to Disney world, dream clients, speaking opportunities, and so much more.

Here are my five ways to help you manifest like a boss:

1. Get clear on what your really big dreams and desires are. The universe will not support you in playing small and won’t play the guessing game with you. That said, allow yourself to dream big, as the sky’s the limit here because the universe is limitless. Don’t settle for a second-best or downplay your dreams and desires. It’s time to claim what you’re truly dreaming of and desiring now.

2. The zone of attraction. The universe’s job in the Law of attraction is to match your frequency. You see, your frequency is your zone of attraction. The Law of Attraction is always working, so it’s important to frequently check your frequency to ensure that you are still in your zone of attraction.

This does not mean you have to stay in a high vibe all the time, but it is important to have your frequency match your desired outcome. This is done through your thoughts and your feelings. If you want to manifest money, but your focus is on all of your bills, the universe will match your frequency and send you more bills.

Instead, try focusing on the energy of having the bills paid or paid in full. Tune into how that makes you feel to have your bills paid and the thoughts that you experience on the other side of your desired outcome. Imagine yourself writing the checks to pay them off, or even going online and transferring the money to bring them all to a zero balance.

3. Expand your capacity to receive. How are you currently being open to receiving? Expand your capacity from there. For example, how do you “receive” compliments? Do you receive them, or do you redirect and say something like, “Oh, this old thing, I’ve had it for years.”

Second, how are you at “receiving” help? When someone offers to help you, do you receive it, or do you say, “No, thank you, I got it?”

Last, how are you showing up in gratitude, being thankful for all the things you have already “received?” Are you showing up fully by keeping a list of all the things you don’t have and wish you did?

4. Believe, believe, and believe. This is where most people get lost in the process—in their belief. First, you have to truly believe that it is possible for you, or it won’t show up.

Second, you have to believe that the universe will deliver, just like you would place your order on Amazon, and trust that it will be delivered. Place your order with the universe and trust that it is on its way to you.

Third, it’s not your job to figure out how the universe is going to deliver it to you; it’s your job to just believe that it will.

5. Get your daydreaming on. The universal bridge to your current reality and to your dreams is to spend time in your daydreams. Place yourself right in the middle of your dreams and desires, and write or visualize them out as if they have already happened.

When you can daydream and really get into what your dreams and desires look and feel like, it does two important things for you: One, it helps you rewire your brains to believe that it is possible. Two, it helps you hold your frequency and be in your zone of attraction.

Ask, believe, receive, and go manifest like a boss!

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