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July 27, 2020

Birds and Bees, God and I, LOL @ Your Hypocrisy

All of you who are bitching and moaning about masks, 2 metres, “we’re in this together”, safety…
All of you who are praying for a ‘vaccine’…
All of you who are passively allowing the elderly to die alone and a generation of children to be traumatised, and who are seemingly content to live without the ‘human touch’…

All of you who are so caught up in and ‘sold’ on this total delusion, this utter insanity and mania that suggests the human species, having reigned supreme on this planet for thousands of years and having survived hundreds of thousands of years protected by nothing but our ‘god’-given immune system – is suddenly rendered helpless without a cloth muzzle and a man-made pharmaceutical intervention.

All of you shouting so boldly that I am responsible for everyone else’s health.


But admit one thing:

This is about you. Your hysteria and neurosis. Your ignorant inability and stubborn refusal to take responsibility – ever – for your own health, your own life, your own community, your own environment, your own family, your own children.

And the subsequent PANic you feel right now about this latest in a line of invisible enemies – ‘drugs’, terrorism, climate change… and now, a virus.

How about you admit to yourself that you feel deep down like a vulnerable, weak, helpless victim of life who NEEDS doctors and scientists to ‘save’ you, government to lead and take responsibility for you, media to inform you, and police to protect you.

Because you don’t take care and responsibility for yourself, don’t empower yourself, don’t inform yourself, and don’t protect nor feel able to protect – yourself.

How about admitting that you couldn’t really give a damn about anyone else – when it really comes down to it – and that this isn’t about the “greater good”, or saving “lives”.

It’s about saving one life – your own. And maybe those you love.

Because from where I’m standing your hypocrisy and deceit is so blatantly obvious that really it’s just laughable – your selfishness, indisputable:
you couldn’t, actually, care much less about anyone else at all.

Like, for example, the veterans who die 20 a day by suicide (in the USA) – having fought the wars that your leaders who you voted or were complicit in voting for, waged in your name.

The children who starve to death every 10 seconds on this planet;
who work in sweat shops so that you can wear your cheap t shirt and your cheap perfume;
and the children and women and men ‘trafficked’ for sex, organ harvesting, and slavery.

The billions who live in poverty.

The billions of animals farmed in factories;
tortured in scientific testing so that you can have more more more.

The planet itself, and all her beauty, her life, her perfection.

Your own elders, who are being left to die in droves right now – in terror, marginalised and isolated, forgotten.

And even Your own children, if we’re really ruthlessly honest, who you don’t even see clearly, so wrapped up in your own little bubble of fear and stress and blindness.

You only care about yourself, and the evidence is abundant:

You eat the meat, use the products, and abandon your children to schools that don’t really educate and screens that sexualise, addict, mislead and hypnotise.
Your. Own. Children.

You keep on voting for so-called leaders that keep on waging wars, lining their own pockets, and raping the planet.

You self-isolate and leave your elders to die: you didn’t even attend their funerals which shows precisely where your true loyalties lie: not with black lives, not with all lives, not even with your own elders’ lives – but with your own, and with the dim hope you have that blind loyalty to government (a pack of thieves) will save you.

You. That’s who you care about.

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Read 14 comments and reply

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