July 14, 2020

Broken & Shaken, but Rising like a Phoenix.


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That’s Life.

I am broken and shaken,
I shout and howl.
The world is ending.
It’s armageddon.

That pit in my stomach is endless.
That bottomless spiral,
so deep, I can drown in it.
That’s life.

I let the spiteful venom eat me,
to my bones.
I want to vaporize like mercury,
so no trace is left.
It’s a calamity.

I let my demons rule,
days and nights are dictated by gloom.
It’s the darkest hour,
The doom awaits.

You put me down,
humiliate me,
shame me.
I am mortified.

I lie in my bed,
cry as much as I want,
as much as I need.
It’s a disaster.

Wait, why didn’t I see?

My soul is shining bright inside,
just that I ignored it too long
It’s alive and kicking.

I promise you,
I will come back,
stronger and powerful.
For I have found hope,
in my blood, in myself.

I will get up and dust myself,
of all the opinions and chaos.
To rise like a phoenix,
with embers burning bright.

That’s life.


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Read 57 comments and reply

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