July 6, 2020

Elephant’s (Free) Community Gathering—July.

Every Friday, we take a step back from the rush of everyday life and connect with Mindful Community.

Over 9,000 good humans join us every Friday from dozens of countries and cities and towns and middle-of-nowheres from all around our world: Boulder, Minneapolis, São Paulo, Madrid, Edinburgh, Brisbane, Delhi, Jakarta, Dawson City, Bangkok, Copenhagen…

Show up for yourself. Show up for each other. Show up if so inspired.

And if you can’t show up live, we’ve got the video replays here for you to enjoy after the fact:

Friday, July 3, 2020: How to make sure you’re well-informed on facts.

The weekly mindful round-up of articles mentioned in the meeting:

  1. Fear >>>————> Fearlessness.
  2. 31 Tiny Ways to make the World a Better Place, Without Leaving Home.
  3. Don’t “Like” This Video: How We Can Save Journalism By Slowing Down.

Friday, July 10, 2020: Waylon Lewis with Liz Plank: Feminism, For the Love of Men.

The weekly mindful round-up of articles and resources mentioned in the meeting:

  1. Support Liz Plank: Shop her book, For the Love of Men, listen to her podcast, Heart Homework.
  2. I am Black. This is what I Need (& what I Don’t) from White Allies.
  3. How to Be the Conscious Parent You Never Had.
  4. This one’s for the Boys: Next time someone tells you to “Man up.”
  5. 5 Attributes of Emotionally Intelligent People.
  6. “If America hasn’t broken your heart, you don’t love her enough.” ~ Senator Cory Booker

Friday, July 17, 2020: How to Celebrate your Birthday & Honor your Year.

The weekly mindful round-up of articles mentioned in the meeting:

  1. It’s my Birthday today. Guess how old I am? ~ Waylon H. Lewis
  2. Eternity ~ William Blake
  3. Pema Chodron: How to do Tonglen.
  4. How to Celebrate one’s Birthday in the Buddhist Tradition.
  5. This is why we bow.
  6. The Five Levels of Mask-Wearing—Immature Jerks, find out which two you’re on!
  7. 10 Great Eleanor Roosevelt Quotes.
  8. Death comes without warning.
  9. The Buddhist Four Reminders.
  10. Every body gets Old.
  11. 7 Quotes, 1 Video: Old Body, Timeless Joy.
  12. A Classic Commencement Speech: Steve Jobs (Plus, the Buddhist 4 Reminders).
  13. There’s a 13th Star Sign & Yours Just Changed (Maybe).

Friday, July 24, 2020: How not to be a Doormat in our Relationships.

Friday, July 31, 2020: On Empaths, Narcissists, Narcissism, & Empathy.

The weekly mindful round-up of articles mentioned in the meeting:

  1. Empaths are the Most Selfish People on the Planet.*
  2. Pema Chodron: a Buddhist teaching on Loneliness, Rejection & a Broken Heart.
  3. How to Deal with Broken-Heartedness.
  4. Next time you’re Losing Heart. 
  5. How to Make Friends with all of Your Sweet Self: Maitri.
  6. Joan Halifax Roshi: How to Balance Inner Work & Outer Social Activism.
  7. Best Buddhist Books for Beginners with Simple Meditation Instruction.
  8. The Buddhist notion of Idiot Compassion.
  9. Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism.
  10. The Childhood Wounds that Keep us from Setting Boundaries.
  11. Understanding the Language of Narcissistic Abuse.
  12. The only effective way to stop Shaming & Aggression.

Friday, August 7, 2020: How to heal a Broken Heart.

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