July 2, 2020

How we can Break Free from the Codependency Drama Triangle.

At one point or another, we all have been both predator and victim, often alternating back and forth between these over the course of our lifetimes.

Before I share further, I wish to preface that neither will you see me moralizing nor vilifying either of these archetypes. Rather, in what follows, I seek to both acknowledge and illuminate the perpetrator-victim dynamic that we currently see playing out within our collective human family.

The truth is that these archetypes have formed an integral facet of our 3D human experience on earth for a long time. Indeed, we have both witnessed and participated in endless variations of the Codependency Drama Triangle (Perpetrator, Victim, Rescuer). And now, at this juncture in 2020, the year of “clear seeing,” these disempowering and dualistic dynamics are increasingly being illuminated.

It is perfectly natural and healthy for such dynamics to be felt, seen, experienced, and acknowledged—ultimately, in order to release and clear them from our human template, since they are clearly ill-suited for the New Earth paradigm. 

As these dysfunctional triads (and the endless, disempowering loops they create) rise up to the surface, it is completely okay to move through grief, anger, depression, and/or a whole shifting assortment of emotions related to the same.

The Subconscious is being brought to Consciousness;

The Shadow to the Light;

The Repressed human spirit to Authentic, Uninhibited Expression.life

Hallelujah! Thank you 2020 for helping us to rise above the distortion, and to truly see clearly, as we expand our lens to encompass greater perspectives and vision. 

While it can be intensely crunchy and uncomfortable while in its midst, let us be reassured that this current of illumination is both a vital and purifying chapter as we evolve from homo-sapiens (mind-beings) to homo-luminus (light-beings). 

Throughout the earthly narrative, humanity has endured a great deal of trauma, and each of us (as an individuated expression of source ) will naturally have our own unique response to trauma. Most frequently, we will respond to trauma with some kind of coping or defense mechanism. 

While initially and on the surface, such a response may feel protective and beneficial, in the long run, we are actually doing ourselves a disservice. As we begin to identify with the defense mechanisms (withdrawal, leaving the body, controlling others, codependency, seeking external validation, love, etc.), we become dissociated, or cut off, from our true aligned, empowered, and whole nature.

Specifically, for those of us still predominantly identifying with the archetypal response of the “victim” (and who have not done the inner work to rectify such distortion within themselves), they may continue to resonate with shaming and blaming what is perceived as externalized “perpetrators.” 

Any given individuated soul expression has the free will to hold such a polarizing perspective, for as long as is needed and/or desired in the journey back to unity. Eventually, as a result of aligning with the shame/blame vibration, such a soul will experience the weakening and distortion first within their own auric field, and subsequently within their physical vessel.

Indeed, such is the power of the nature of what we think, feel, and imagine to either energize, heal, and bring us into greater alignment or to weaken, de-energize, and disconnect us further from our true soul’s essence. The self-generated weakening experienced by the soul aligning to the victim archetype will persist, until their focus shifts from beliefs in an unsafe, hostile world “out there” back to the inner self, where the original root distortions can be seen and excavated. 

Indeed, it is only within the Self where the roots of the distortions, and trauma-based splits and twists within one’s own psyche and auric field can now be acknowledged, healed, and integrated back to wholeness. At such a point in the soul’s trajectory, any former resonance with the shame-blame response and/or participation in victim-perpetrator dramas will become obsolete.

Looking within the self to root out and release distortions will naturally align one more deeply with our multidimensional nature as both earth and star beings. We have the capacity to sense inner distortions by the impact they have—energetically, emotionally, mentally, and physically—upon us.

Wherever we notice an energy loss or drain, we can trace our way back to underlying thoughts and/or emotions that misaligned from our true nature. And if we truly desire to dwell in and as our more enlivened, empowered, and aligned Self, we will naturally become more pristine gardeners of the thoughts and emotions we magnetize into, and allow to blossom within, our expression.

We have this golden opportunity to become ever more careful stewards of our mind-body-spirit complex. We are able to practice greater levels of discernment regarding the ways we both consciously and unconsciously align ourselves with various beliefs and emotions (and their corresponding frequencies). We choose those thoughts and emotions that align with our true nature, rather than detracting from the same.

As we continue this work of polishing and refining our inner mental and emotional landscape, cleaning out old distortions that may appear, we naturally open the way for greater life-giving shakti to pulse through us, expanding our vision, our capacity, and our inner knowing.

Ultimately we will no longer be prone to being co-opted by energy-draining, disempowering, oppositional “us/them” dynamics. We recognize that all is truly Self, and as such, we exude a frequency of compassion, and serve as way-showers as to the path of liberation from unproductive, energy-depleting, and entrapping drama triangles.

We recognize that polarizing our energy within such closed-loop circuits only ends up imprisoning both the archetypal jailer and the prisoner, and all those energizing such dynamics. We choose to expand into broader, non-polarized vistas, and become beacons of what is possible as we hold greater inclusivity, compassion, wisdom, and inner-standing for the whole.

At the same time, we neither make excuses for nor justify the behavior of either the jailer or the prisoner. We simply inner-stand the polarized “us/them,” “victim/perpetrator” paradigm, and vibrationally speaking, are no longer a match for such mental constructs and belief systems.

Rather, we crystalize our minds and actions upon the unifying, reconciling, and healing currents that will ultimately liberate us from the captivity of our own polarization. 


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