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July 19, 2020

How to Enjoy Staying inside through Covid_19 Quarantine

I graduated university for filmmaking. I am reading Save the Cat by Blake Snyder and he brings up the 10 film Genres he created a name for, one of which is called “Monster in the House”. This genre’s rules are primal:

  1. You are stuck in an enclosed space
  2. There is a threat.
  3. Don’t get eaten.

You feel restricted. But here is why you should feel liberated:

Have you seen that cobweb between your bookshelf and the wall? You have a housemate! And it’s useful. Killing pests one web at a time.

What room have you least been in? Go on a little adventure there.

Have you tried to use each room in the house as another room?

Sleep in the living room.

Bathe in the kitchen.

Warm your food in a pot in the bathtub.

Come back to your child mind. Play pretend.

Half the gems we do not see remain unseen because we’ve shut off our imagination.

Maybe we can take a tour around our own house, experiencing it anew.

Maybe we can transform every room into a different country culture. Make the authentic drinks. Dishes. Cultural vibe. Learn how to say “Cheers” in the corresponding rooms’ languages.

The world is boring when you rely on outer stimulation but ignore what’s within.

Maybe we need to realize the Monster is our fear of dealing with our emotions.

Maybe we’re scared of feeling stuck.

Maybe we’re scared of coming to terms with our interpretation of “stuck.”

Maybe we’re not stuck. We’re just in a new situation and flailing in this first-time exposure.

Nerves could be anxiety or excitement. It’s up to interpretation.

It’s okay if your natural inclination is toward anxiety. Reprogram those nerves to be happy. It’s just energy. You have more control than you think.

If you don’t have control, don’t try to. Just come to terms with the lack of control. It’s okay to sit in the backseat sometimes. It’s about finding the balance between the extremities of wallowing and denying. You find peace when you allow it to wash over you and refocus your attention. It’s not THE hot topic you MUST be captivated by.

I hope you and I can take my advice. But I think it’s good advice. There’s a reward on the other side.

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Read 3 comments and reply

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