July 7, 2020

“I am here, I always have been & always will be”—A Message from your Intuition.


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Who am I? Why do so many people search for me?

And why do so many more believe me to be an elusive, ethereal element that only the few can experience fully?

I’m here to reassure you—yes you, beautiful being of love and light—that I’m here and accessible to all. Not only am I reachable, but I’m also right here with you right now, right this moment. I’ve been calling to you since the day you were born. Most of you have been taught to misinterpret my language. That is all.

Allow me to share some of the many ways I make myself known to you.

I’m the one who gives you butterflies in your stomach. It is I who causes you to swell with happiness when you see someone you love. I’m the warm feeling you get when you’re listening to your favourite music, watching a wonderful film, or being drawn into the magic of a beautifully written book.

I’m also the one who turns you cold when something’s not right. It is I giving you that sense of recoiling or shutting down when someone does something you don’t like. I’m the knot in your stomach when you’re afraid that you’re not enough. I’m also the silent scream inside you when you’re on your knees in desperation.

I am your inner light. Your guidance. Your messenger. I’m referred to as intuition. Or gut instinct. Inner knowing. Wisdom. Core. Soul. Essence. I’m known by many names. I am within you. I am the creative source that is the same for everyone, and yet as unique to each person as a fingerprint. As exquisitely distinctively beautiful as each snowflake. I am here for you. I am with you. I am you.

Yet most people have come to accept that I can only be accessed in rare glimpses of inspiration, over which they have no control. You’ve come to rely on others to give you the answers that are already within because you believe that my presence and guidance cannot be relied upon. This is why you continue to look outside of yourself. This is why that search is fruitless. That’s why so many of you feel lost, empty, and powerless. Until the time you come home to yourself.

Every day I invite you to understand the way I communicate with you. Every moment I show you that I’m here.

Those negative feelings that you’ve been taught to judge as bad or dismiss as unhelpful? That’s me again. Letting you know that there’s a better way. Yet you’ve learned to quieten those feelings. You’ve developed strategies that enable you to put on a brave face, stiff upper lip, to carry on regardless. You rely on mental tactics to help you power through difficult situations. That approach may bring instant relief, but it’s not lasting. Because you’ve quietened my voice. You’ve toughened up your resilience, which simply means you’ve become resistant to what’s going on so that you can numb yourself to the discomfort. Meanwhile, you train yourself to continue experiencing the pain without complaining. Because you’ve been told that’s what freedom is about. Freedom from the discomfort. So you’re able to endure more.

Does that really seem like freedom to you now?

Consider the idea that while I continue to call out to you from within, nudging you to realise there’s a better way, you’ll experience my messages as stress or anxiety. And because you’re used to identifying those feelings as something negative, you again push them away, pull out your survival weapons, thinking and acting your way to a less painful way of being.

This is precisely why so many people experience fear and isolation; by constantly numbing the messages I’m sending, they move increasingly to the outside world and ignore their greatest power.

Once you can understand that the odd feeling inside is not something bad, or something to be fearful of, then the journey home has started. As you also realise the glorious, warm, and joyful experiences you’ve felt at certain times over your life are not just glimpsing moments of happiness, then the excitement of the journey increases.

I am here. I am your light. I’m your intuition. In-tuition. Inner teacher. I’m inside you. Yet you search for me outside. You seek external validation that you’re okay. That you’re doing things right. That you’re being the best you can be. That you’re enough. But you won’t find me there. This is why you sometimes feel lost and lonely. Because the more you seek the answers outside of yourself, the less you can experience connection. Again, that is me. That’s me talking to you. I’m calling you home while you face foreign lands. My voice echoes through caves of emptiness that you may experience as frustration or aloneness.

I am your guru. I am your light. I am you. Calling you home.

I am here, always have been, and always will be. I am here for you and as you, because I am you. Always and all ways. I’m here to guide you back to the magnificence of your being. So that you can connect and know that you are indeed your own saviour. You are your own teacher. You are the light.

It’s easy to find me when you know where to look. Then it’s simply about understanding the unique language that I share with you. As you connect with me, you shine brightly, so that others can also come home and connect with their light. And as we continue to connect, we can all know that we’re here as one. Together in joy, in freedom, in light, in love.

I’m here. I always have been and always will be. I’m waiting patiently for you to come home. And while I’m waiting, no matter how long it takes, I’ll continue baking cakes and preparing the most delicious homecoming celebrations in anticipation of the time we can rejoice in your return.

My doors are always open, inviting you to come inside.


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