July 23, 2020

Make Masks Sexy Again.

A Mask Strip Tease:

Make Masks Sexy Again from r/Unexpected

Masks in South Korea vs. USA.

This is what happens 20 years after you defund Education.

As of yesterday, South Korea has had a total of 297 COVID deaths, or 6 per 1 million in population.

USA has had 145,195 COVID deaths, or 439 per 1 million in population.

Masks in South Korea vs. these United States:

Comment: “Americans are like teenagers if you tell them to do something they were about to do anyway they will refuse and fight to the last breath. No matter how good it is for them and how obvious it is the right thing to do they become brats as soon as you tell them to do it.”

“That’s what happens when you don’t invest in education.”


Some apt Reddit comments: 

There is nothing more dangerous than a confident idiot.


It’s pretty ironic that the ones screaming “sheep” at the others are the confident idiots so easily misled into conspiracy theories and into doing harmful behavior for themselves and their families like foregoing life-saving vaccines or not wearing masks.

It’s unfortunate that they are putting others at risk at the grocery store.


… I get so irked when I go in public and see that only 25% of people are wearing masks.

How did this got so political and create an echo chamber on Facebook? I don’t want to point fingers, but most likely the confident idiot in the Oval Office who just decided to put one on.


It’s the “Facebook” part, not the “Oval Office” part. Many people have lived in a hyperreality for a very long time now, Trump is a symptom of that, not the cause. People live in the reality generated by their newsfeeds, which are carefully curated both by themselves but also by algorithms that try to figure out what those people want to hear. That’s where the echo chambers come from.

Major political organizations and media conglomerates seized on that lifestyle because it allows them to create the reality they want people to believe in simply through assertion and repetition. It’s often said that you should never let a crisis go to waste, and they don’t.

The things that you want to hear and the people you want to be exposed to are in your “trust zone”. It’s a comfortable place that makes you feel good about yourself and your choices… why wouldn’t it be more “real” than the world that exists outside your door and away from your social media, which is full of hardship, suffering, and strangers you can’t trust and don’t feel comfortable being around?


While I agree that the “Facebook” think is a big part, you can’t ignore the role the “confident idiot in the Oval Office” is playing in this. He’s their cult leader and he kept telling them not to wear masks, even if it was mostly by boosting anti-maskers or just saying people should do what they want. There’s a reason the anti-maskers are mostly Magats


Yes, that’s absolutely true. My point is that he is able to be a cult leader due to the “Facebook” part. People who only want to hear from him can only hear from him, and that’s why they wear Trump on their sleeve everywhere they go. It’s like wearing a t-shirt for a band you love absolutely everywhere. It’s a core component of their culture. That’s why it seems like they’re resistant to reason, because from your point of view you’re talking about practical things like how to run a society, but they’re talking about this warm, fuzzy thing that makes them feel loved when they think about it. That’s what cults like that are to people; it’s love. You’re arguing against their right to be happy, that’s why cultists so easily brand outsiders as “evil”, because they are attacking their happiness. What kind of good person would do a thing like that?

I showed one of my complaining brainwashed coworkers this after listening to him rant about the


Bonus: Deleted scenes from the intro of the movie “Idiocracy.” ~ comment

Lifeguard: “no one usually drowns on 4th of July”
“But what about dying from the other thing?”
Lifeguard: “like heat stroke? “
“no, the other thing”
Lifeguard: “what other thing?”

“I’ve never met someone with corona. So like could be fake.”

Things that, by those standards, are fake:
Polar bears
Jeff Bezos
War veterans
My dad

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