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July 26, 2020

No need for condepedency , back home

Why you are drawn to experiences that you don’t want and how to get yourself back?

We come here with a vast past, even if we remember it or not.
We arrive in the small community of our family and that speaks of our ancestral load and heritage,
we come here with things that are governed by laws bigger than us.
At the same time we are here to love and love teach us even if we agree on this or not.

Because to live is to love.

If we choose to look at our life with an awakened consciousness we can realize the evolving nature of Love and of every relationship.
If we choose to live our life with no consciousness what is hidden will still work but it will create a hidden life.
A hidden life force.
That hidden life force many times is the force missing from our lives and what we terribly miss in ourselves.
The hidden life-subconscious consist, of our dramas-traumas, fears, the stories we never told, the untold, the unforgivable.It navigates life while we think that we make life.
The hidden life- the voice of our soul. The truth of our light that asks to be lived.
It is only because we silenced the other lives that live within us that our life has been silently sabotaged:

A “victimized narcissist”
our dramas,
needs codependency,
and find addictions,
either another Narcissist ..
that’s how we heal,
with wicked games,
from people
who punish our pride
with their cowardness
and vice versa
both of us
taking the same kind
of poison
in large proportions.
Until we decide
to break free
from our dramas – traumas.
No need for codependency.
Back home.

The day you decide to break this chain is when you decide to devote to yourself.
This is the way to return back to yourself.

A return to Love.

Sometimes to do that you have to devote yourself to a divine principle, why? Because you lived in the land of oblivion for such a long time and to connect back with your soul you need a higher guidance, it can’t be in a different way because you go back home only if you unite with your soul.
Nevertheless it’s  a simple decision with multiple effects. But if every time put on the scale the price you will pay if you do this, it is like you bargain your soul with with God. And if you bargain then it means you are not serious.

Be serious and you will get a serious response.
Be determined and direct your focus accordingly.
Choose you and choose one life,
which is not hidden and that you are fully present.

Spirituality is to live th truth of yout soul on Earth, which is actually to dwell deeper into life and not to escape from it. This is the ultimate sex, the promised land …

After one point it is only a matter of choice with which eyes you want to see life and live your life, that of awakened consciousness, or with no consciousness?

Life will happen anyway.

It’s your choice.


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