July 13, 2020

The Law of Attraction: It’s Science, not Fiction. {Part II}

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I recently shared my personal experience with the Law of Attraction and documented my own spiritual journey.

These past 19 years have opened my eyes to my connection to an intelligent universe, which became even more apparent after a near fatal-experience on the infamous September 11. The world has changed forever that day, and so did I.

My wife handed me a book, as I was in a state of denial, that has led me on a journey that has been mind-blowing. 

Personally, I believe that the universe is intelligent and unconditional in its love. It gives you what you call for. It is also perfect, so it doesn’t make mistakes when it comes to you. Pay attention to your intention, be clear what you call for in thoughts, words, and actions. The people and things in it are a reflection of what you think about.

I repeatedly called out to the universe after that fateful day, asking why I had been spared when 3,000 other angels had perished. I was basically in a state of shock and denial and didn’t speak to anyone or anything in particular. I couldn’t fathom whether my survival was luck, circumstance, or coincidence. Perhaps it was intended? Was there a reason?

My wife handed me a book shortly after, leading to another one. I will share with you the irrefutable science I learned that proves my theory and anecdotal experience.

The universe is a loving genie, and you are connected to it and to a creative energy magnet. So be careful what you wish for because anything and everything is possible. You are a creative energy beast. These words came to me and are one of the many “soul songs” that are given to me every day:

Intelligent design.

Each one of us can have it all.

What’s that you say, voice loud your call.

You think it is false; you think it is fake.

You think it is crazy and that I make

this stuff up, you say it is not real.

Dig deep inside and you will feel

an intelligent design I said is here.

Chaos impossible, a universe aware.

The truth is out there for us to know.

Our words and actions begin to show

a way to get at molecular truth,

Blowing the lid off mind limits roof. 

An idea that may be somewhat new,

something thought that we all knew.

But each next day behind you leave

things that you no longer believe,

what no longer fits inside your skin.

So start anew, let’s now begin.

We alone with the universe create

our own daily reality fate.

Choose your next new door.

Remember pick ceiling, not floor.

Throughout my early childhood, I had been given signs about the Law of Attraction, but didn’t understand that the universe is aware and would speak to me whenever I had questions. It spoke to me in a song lyric, sometimes on a billboard sign, or when I read the newspaper. Just like magic, my answer was given to me. It was spooky, and it happened a lot, mostly when I paid attention.

As I got older, numbers would repeat themselves to me over and over to remind me to pay attention. They would pop up out of nowhere. I would wake to “555” every morning, and when I would absently look at my watch, I’d see “555.”

Something important was obviously coming.

Thinking about a person would result in a phone call, and then getting feelings of déjà vu was standard as if the moment had happened already.

After the fateful day of September 11, the world changed for all of us. Personally, I focused on getting more meaning out of these things. My voice survived, I believe, because my story affects all of us. I am no more special than you; I am just aware and so I share it with you today. You have the ability to do the same things that have worked for me.

This intelligent, benevolent design to which we are connected in our own way will grant our wishes like a genie in a bottle. It’s science fact, not science fiction, and people use it to their advantage every day and so can you.

I’ll prove it to you if you want to hear about it, so you can experience it for yourself.

Here is some scientific proof from 19 years of searching, reading, and learning that will hopefully short-circuit your own journey and get you to try it out for yourself so the rules of the game of life will become more fun and rewarding.

First, let’s look at something that, to this day, scientists cannot explain 200 years later, but you will immediately understand.

The Double Slit Lamp experiment of scientist Thomas Young—or what I refer to as “the scientific proof behind the mind-blowing secret”—shows how the observer’s own attention affects the experiment.

Whereas physics is the study of physical objects in motion (things we can easily see in everyday life, like a table, a chair, a bowling bowl), quantum physics is the study of the blocks building of physical things that we cannot readily see unless using powerful microscopes.

Life is made up of atoms, electrons neutrons, protons, and other fancy words. While physical objects (the things we see) follow clear, repeatable mathematical rules that we can calculate and replicate into formulas, quantum objects exist in a state of possibility as waves/particles, and our own observation makes them act differently based on our attention. That said, we affect the things we cannot see and direct them into a particular path. 

Here’s more: there are studies going on in a field called “integrative medicine” that shows that group prayer (people jointly focusing their attention together on the recovery of the health and well-being of another) results in better health outcomes.

Also, did you know that white bread lives longer in a healthy, eatable, non-moldy state when loving, protective words are used in its presence? However, it becomes moldy faster when negative, dark, nasty, and hateful language is used.

Or better yet, read the book The Secret Life of Water by Masaru Emoto, and marvel at the pictures that are shown under a microscope: the way water molecules look and are truly beautiful when you speak love in your heart. Then, see the converse of grotesque, cancerous looking cells that are formed with hateful speech in the presence of these same water molecules. The pictures are simply amazing.

There are so many other books that will astonish you that reveal the secret over and over.

Some of you may already be trying the 30-day experiment that I suggested in Part I to see how this Law of Attraction works, how you can manifest and create the life you want, and how you can attract people and things. What are you waiting for? Live the life you want now.

It all starts with this simple question, “Why are you here?” Once you receive your answer, the things you want will appear—only if you ask. Use clear, repeatable affirmations and the ones that fit only you.

Bringing the things that you desire in life, or attracting the kind of people you want to be around is available to everyone. No one is special; we are all connected to the source of creation. The source—the universe—wants to give you what you desire.

Through this connection to the infinite, we are creative forces of energy in our own way, and the people and things we magnetically connect to are not mistakes—whether perceived as good or bad. It is all intended, and we simply need to ask clearly for what we want.

First, learn your “why.” Learning why you are here on Earth is critical so you can understand your path and what you truly desire. It is different for everyone, and we each have our own unique movie to star in. Ask it repeatedly until you get the answer.

Then, when you receive the answer, create your personal affirmation or mantra that you can repeat in words and in visualization so your operating thought becomes what you want from the universe—only then can it be granted; it’s even better than a genie in a bottle.

Sometimes, it’s hard to sit quietly to organize your thoughts to speak to the universe about what it is that you seek. Some people call it meditation or relaxation—I call it an inner connection.

And I have another secret to help you get there in Part III. Play soothing music, listen to relaxing sounds like waves or rain, and then find a vibrational frequency that connects you to your inner voice.

For now, take that in, and be excited. Your genie—the universe—is ready to grant all your wishes, and they won’t be limited to only three. 



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