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July 16, 2020

Rewrite the Mythopoetic Story of your Mother Wound.

You are more myth than science, more poetry than a formula that needs to be solved.

We are living in a time when our living mythology must be brought to consciousness so that it can change.

We have been living out for too long and in so many unconscious ways, the mythology of war, separation, disconnection, and domination as part of the archetypal journey of the hero.

The West has made the hero out of Narcissus, who fell in love with his own reflection.

We have turned a blind eye to the destruction around us, to the curse we continue to place on Medusa, calling her the death mother, when she is actually the embodiment of who and what we need to resurrect.

Who was it who cursed her in the first place?

We need to be turning our awareness in a different direction.

I love Maureen Mudock’s work on the heroine’s journey, which I like to call: the adventure back into the spiral of life that brings us back to the center of things as they truly are.

This journey starts out with living in the patriarchal world dominated by the wounded masculine and a disconnection from our natural state.

There is a yearning that awakens not for adventure, but for connection with the mature, nourishing feminine archetype that is missing in this world.

A longing to know our true state.

This sets the stage for a return through the underworld, meeting the Dark Mother at the crossroads—where one must heal the inner child/mother split before ascending again, mending the inner masculine, and returning to the world more whole.

This is the new mythos we are being called to live—one we may not collectively be completely conscious of.


At the heart of mythology live archetypal energies that all have the same effect of returning us to a state of wholeness and connection with the divine.

Our split—our earliest separation and experiences of pain, trauma, and lack of love—are the trailheads of our journey. They are the places where we must rewrite these mythological journeys of Medusa and the hero cutting off the head of the dragon and returning victorious in his domination.

We place much emphasis on healing the inner child, but pay little attention to the unconscious attitude toward the inner child—that of the inner Mother.

We assume the Mother to be all-loving, connected, supportive, compassionate, and kind all of the time.

We deny the reality that the Mother is quite wounded in our world, and that we have little access to her healthy expressions and her life-sustaining, loving energy. Energy that transforms us into wholeness.

If she is healthy, we call her a witch who we have been programmed to disrespect whether we realize it or not.

How can we continue to disrespect a part of ourselves that brings us home—to the place inside of us that reveals our true nature?

Part of changing our mythos is becoming aware of the archetypal energies running through our experience.

We tend to protect the Mother in our psyches and in our personal lives to the peril of honoring the truth of her pain, and her needs for restoration, nourishment, and provision.

We run into many shadow expressions of her energy in our psyche—beating ourselves up and repeating the same well-worn mythological stories and patterns in our lives without understanding the roots of what can truly set us free.

The Mother is an expression of the Mature Feminine archetype, nourished by Eros, connected to nature, heart, body, emotions, creativity, and the dream worlds.

Her language is symbolic as much as it is spoken, and unfortunately it’s put too much into the new age section of bookstores—relegating her to not be taken seriously by our psyches, even though deep in our bones we know there is stardust in the gifts of our ancestors.

This mythological tale of the Mother, our separation from her, our yearning for her, and the healing of her in our psyche—taking her out of the cave and loving her, thereby revoking the curse—will restore much sanity.

It will help us wake up out of our narcissistic fogs and care about each other and the planet, and we will no longer tolerate wounded authority, racism, oppression, or profit of this exact traumatic myth we keep playing out.

It’s time for us to write a new myth. But, not only write it…live it.

We must learn to live a new myth by bringing the light of possibility, the light and love of a rooted Mother into our bodies through her symbols, dreams, energies, and teachings, so we can bring healing to the places that have never known love before.

She is with us. She longs to expand our hearts open and transform all this grief of separation into something beautiful we cannot yet even imagine. It begins with us.

Remembering her and bringing the shadows into the light of awareness.

When we are aware, we can journey through our ancestral line to complete patterns of suffering and find the golden thread of light to weave back into our lives.

We can use this light to heal the Mother within our hearts so we can remember how to find the source of self-love and soul fulfillment again.

May we rise like a phoenix through the ashes of these old stories and make new mythology for the coming generations.


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Read 6 comments and reply

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