July 14, 2020

You Have to let it Hurt. {Poem}

Life is awful.

It’s all agony, really.

It’s suffering.

A good friend of mine who was an alcoholic

once said to me,

“I feel as if there’s a gaping hole in my heart.

No matter how much I try to fill it with booze, drugs, and promiscuity,

it never seems to fill the hole.

In fact, it stretches it.”

We all try to fill the hole

with food, drinks, smoke, gambling…

it never works.

It distracts us for a minute, but it never really works.

There’s only one way.

You have to let it hurt.

You have to let life tear you in half

and melt you into your bed.

You have to let it rip you limb from limb.

The pain has to be fully expressed

in whatever agony, words, and realisations,

until one day it doesn’t hurt anymore.

I don’t know if the hole would ever close,

but I know that one at a time, things stop hurting.

Suffering fades

if you just let it hurt.

But if you try to fill it, it stretches

because that’s not what it’s for.

Would you like me to tell you what it’s for?

Some people have really big holes in their hearts.

And the people with the biggest holes always, always love the most.

That’s what the hole is for.

It’s for love

if you let it in,

if you let it out.

People with the biggest holes need it the most.

They have so much room for love to fill their hearts,

and that’s why they love so much…

because that’s what it’s for.

That’s what it’s for.



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