August 2, 2020

3 Questions to Ask to Discover your Ideal Ritual.

From entering a temple barefooted, to setting an altar with the four elements—earth, water, air, fire—humanity has survived and lived throughout history thanks to the different rituals we have created.

Rituals based on the beliefs that conform us and constantly renew us.

Rituals are the way in which the sacred we’ve known inside of us can be expressed externally.

It might be from painting something meaningful while we listen to inspirational music, praying, reading a sacred book, meditating, drinking coffee, or having a cup of cacao.

And we not only need from these moments to remember, acknowledge, and evaluate what we care about, we also know pretty well that there is an inner chaos—a mental chaos—that can cause external chaos if we don’t observe it and if we don’t learn to control it.

Certainly, a unique formula and way to instantly calm the chaos down is having a base to which we can come back to constantly—where we can connect and come from the space of where we want to move in our lives.

This base is the ritual that you can design. It may already be what you’re doing each time you need to disconnectto connect, like taking a walk in nature, journaling, or grabbing a cup of tea.

It’s imperative to understand its importance, the role it serves in our lives, and the need we have as humans to do it.

The more often we do our rituals, the better. Because just like the muscles get stronger with daily exercise, we become that which we repeat.

What is a ritual?

I really like this definition I found on the internet:

“A ritual is a series of actions specially done because of its symbolic value. Actions based on a belief, whether it is a religion, a political point of view, a sport tradition, local traditions, memories, or historical remembrance of a community.”

This series of actions chosen by you has an order, a moment, and an ideal space that have the ability to completely change your inner feeling and your way of communicating with the world—one that will change your actions.

Once we’ve understood the importance of rituals, it’s time to find the answer to the question that naturally arises:

How do I find my ideal ritual/inspirational routine?

In order to answer this question, we will focus on two things: discover or review what we are already doing as a ritual in our lives, and figure out what we can begin to include from now on in our routines to get inspired and connected.

What we are already doing:

That which you repeat, which connects you, and which you enjoy.

Think of those moments during the day in which you feel a breath of air, peace, and connection.

It might not happen every day, but find out what moments make you feel relaxed and secure.

Even if it only happens when we wake up or when we go to bed, it’s important to discover those moments, because this is where we have a starting point for an inspirational ritual that will allow us to keep that feeling of connection throughout the day.

Once we have found these moments, let’s think about something we can do after or during that moment in order to keep that feeling of life’s perfection and miracle.

This way, we will begin to identify and create our ideal ritual(s).

What you can start doing now:

To discover your ideal ritual, it is good to begin by answering these questions:

Who do I want to be?

How does an ideal life feel to me?

Which action, activity, or audio invites me to feel this security I’m looking for, which exists in order for me to feel and live life the way I want to?

By answering these questions, we find a deeper purpose behind the actions we’ve chosen, and as our mind understands their importance, we begin to become the person who performs and lives from those routines with intention.


When we discover the actions that conform our ideal rituals, it’s important to reflect why it is imperative to take the time to do it every single day—what changes in our day (therefore, in our lives) when we do it.

For there is no motivation without clarifying the famous big why that lies behind our actions.

Rituals bring us the bravery to figure out what’s next in our lives and to keep on going. The bravery to begin again.

The bravery of choosing.

The bravery of being ourselves.

And this alone is enough of a reason to have and constantly renew my rituals.

So, what will you do tomorrow, first thing in the morning?



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