August 5, 2020

To all my Fierce Sisters: we will Never be Burned.


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I find myself constantly inspired by my sisters.

Not blood ones, but those with whom I share ideas.

I dedicate this poem to Michelle Obama, AOC, Emma Watson, Frida Kahlo, Gloria Steinem, Mary Wollstonecraft, Beyoncé, Taylor Swift, Warsan Shire, Jacqueline Kennedy, and many more.

I am sorry you confused me

with a little shiny toy.

I apologize

that my dress was too tight.

And I stayed way too late

past midnight.


my tone was too bossy

in this big boy’s office.

It’s not my place

to talk.

I apologize

my mother

and grandmother

were always saviors


Of course you expected that from me!

My eyes say sorry

And I modestly look down

When asked:

Did you paint that?

I apologize:

I am just playing art.

I apologize

if I am too pretty.

Just sit and talk.

I am sorry, I am

not a wife

never a mother.

How abnormal

for a woman to expect

to at least be

treated the same

as man.

I am sorry.

I am not comfortable

like a new leather couch.

I am sorry;

I was never burned.


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