August 17, 2020

Alanis Morissette & Baby Daughter Onyx’s Live Performance of “Ablaze” is Kinda Life-Affirming.

Last week, I edited a lovely article: On Love, Yoga & Motherhood: My Journey to Self-Acceptance.

In fact, it was my Editor’s Pick for the week—it was a pleasure to work on it. The author, as she told me, was inspired to write the article after she watched the video of Alanis Morissette singing a stunning new song from her latest album, “Such Pretty Forks in the Road.”

The highlight of the video was Alanis’ four-year-old daughter, who Alanis was holding in her arms during the entire performance.

Alanis Morissette was one of my favorite singers back in the 1990s, so of course, I had to listen to this one.

To say I was blown away would be an understatement. Let me just say that I’ve been watching this video on loop for the past five days.

I hope you enjoy the video and the song as much as I do.

Here are some of my favorite public comments on this video:

“Damn. This is wholesome. And kinda life-affirming.”

“2020 sucks but at least we had this.”

“Petition to have this song (and this particular live version of it) named as the official parenthood anthem.”

“I’m going to be a father for the first time this October. My wife is lying next to me sleeping in the bed. And I am crying like I haven’t done in a looong time. I don’t want to wake her up. She is so tired. I don’t know if I’m happy or sad. This just makes me feel. Really feel. Thank you.”

“Can we also discuss how her daughter’s “doo-doo-doo-doo” at 2:47 perfects the song?”

“I’m a pretty manly guy, a 31-year-old electrician. Anyway, I’m currently in my car on my lunch listening to this crying. Your whole makeup changes once you have children. Beautiful song during such a depressing time.”

“There was NOTHING, absolutely NOTHING about that performance that wasn’t absolutely PERFECT!”

“Can’t stop watching this…it is filling my life with so much joy!”



Some more:

“Hi Mom”
“Hi Baby”
“What a very cute clip, beautiful music, beautiful moment between a mother and her daughter—thank you for both Alanis.”

“I am a 27-year-old guy and I don’t cry for a YouTube video, but I just cried.”

“I love this! Such a true reflection of this quarantine. Juggling home life with work life and having little ones around talking and interrupting all the while killing it. You’re a true rockstar, Alanis!”

“‘Did you said family?’ ‘I did say family.’ And I’m ugly crying.”

“I smiled like an idiot through this whole thing and I’m a 25-year-old guy who doesn’t want kids. This just perfectly encapsulates the challenges we’ve all had to go through this year and yet, like life and us, it carries on.”


Check this one out too:  From Jagged Little Pills to Meditation: Alanis Morissette is releasing a New Album.


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Read 17 comments and reply

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