August 12, 2020

Biden picks Harris: Here’s Why that’s a Win for Us All.

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So by now, we all know Joe Biden’s big secret: He’s chosen Senator Kamala Harris as his Vice President.

I’m cautiously excited about the choice. She’s smart, capable, strong-willed, not afraid to call things as she sees them, and has one of the most progressive voting records in the Senate.

She’s also the first Black (her father is Jamaican) and the first South Asian (her mother is from India) woman on a major party ticket. (Representation matters!)

Do I agree with every choice she’s made or statement she’s uttered in her time as both a prosecutor and a senator? No.

Do I trust her and Biden’s decision making skills, political experience, leadership capabilities, and overall compassion and judgement as human beings more than I do the guy who’s been taking up space in the White House for three and a half years? Absolutely.

But I’m not here to debate whether Harris is the right VP pick. I am here to gush over the one thing I’m most excited to see now that she is on the ticket:

Maya Rudolph as Kamala Harris on Saturday Night Live.

SNL is usually the bright spot in any political cycle, and considering that we’ve spent the past almost six months dealing with a poorly handled (by the federal government) pandemic, a much-needed civil rights uprising, and a general lack of compassion when it comes to protecting our neighbors and fellow citizens, we could all use some comic relief.

It’s been reported that SNL is hoping to start shooting new episodes again in September, although minus a live studio audience…because, pandemic. But honestly, I don’t care if Rudolph does Kamala Harris impressions from her living room on Zoom.

(Fun fact: she was nominated for an Emmy this year for Outstanding Guest Actress in a Comedy Series for her Harris impression.)

I need a good laugh. And I bet you do too.

Check out her best moments here:

And check out Rudolph’s reaction to Biden’s choice.


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