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August 21, 2020

Reasons for Becoming a Martyr. {Poem}


I scream and scream
Hunting a dream
So awake so obscene
Deep down the depths of night
You’ll find me here starting a fight
Insanity called my name tonight
The spirits are on my side
So here I am caramelized
Ready to fight
To crusade the night
God is my savior
God is my sight
Please pray for me tonight.
Blood is on my hands tonight
with no end in sight
I run into the light
My mind is screwed
twisted and tied
the war got its hands inside
I was distraught
I thought it was honesty
in which I was taught
A deep hole now lays
inside my chest
where my memories use to rest
Here I stand
with the truth
sacrificing any rest

Holding a piece of me
so bloody and red
I wonder when will my suffering end?
I crusade for the light
In the contrast of night
I’m surrounded by evil
I see deception coming for me
What time is it
tomorrow needs to come
so i can regain my strength drowning in the sun
My ideals are grounded
in moral viens
I sing a spiritual tune today
For the goodness of man
I hold in my hands
My inner child beautiful
I lock her away
Far away
To save her from this torture
For gods sake
Save me from this disaster
I wish the truth would come out much faster
I do this for everyone’s right to freedom love and laughter
One day I’ll know no fear
and conquer all that I adhere
giving my love to all thereafter

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