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August 14, 2020

Dance is a way to freedom

Dance is a way to freedom.

I believe everybody can dance and there is nothing to limit anyone to become a dancer.

As I grew up in between the two countries with totally different cultures , I was confused about my own identity.

I didn’t know who I was? where I belonged? Who my tribe was?…

I was lost within my soul.

Also with a severe accident at the age of 9 which led to an intense knee injury, going through many operations after that in my host country France, added to all my confusions and the dream of becoming a dancer faded away…

Until, I stepped on a yoga mat and like a magical carpet in took me into different journeys

and my true story started from there…

What happened on the mat was a deep connection with my own soul

and for the first time in my life I felt consciously the joy and freedom of being alive in my body with my breath.

I went to university to become a computer software engineer. I studied for 5 years without any passion or love for it, I just felt I had to finish that!

But by the end of my studies just before finishing my final thesis,the effect of my yoga practices started to show itself!:) and  I started to question myself!

Why am I doing this? I don’t want to spend my life in front of a computer!

I don’t have to prove anything to anyone!


So I dropped everything and went to India , and since my travels started!

I studied yoga in different schools during the years after my first trip to India.

I first started to teach yoga to children and later I created my school of yoga based on my yoga kids teacher training course.

My intention was to guide other passionate people to introduce yoga in a fun and creative way for kids to become more conscious human beings…

I am so grateful that I shared my passion FIRST with kids as they taught me real meditation,  which is “ to be present in this moment”.

working with kids made me connect  more to my creativity and offering yoga in a colorful way so that kids can love and enjoy it made me connect with the curious kid within me so I continued travelling to different destinations, learned more deeply about yoga, tantra, meditation,healing, alternative therapies, also movement and dance…

I started to connect with the Sufi within me and the dance of whirling became my main spiritual practice…Dance found its way back into my life and I was living my forgotten dream of becoming a dancer so since, I never then stopped dancing &

My life became my own created fairy tale…

Today I am sharing the conscious dance style I called “ Dance Of No Name!”

Why No Name?

As I believe there is no name I can put on your dance ,but once you come and find your dance of life you can only put a name for it yourself!

It is based on 7 forms. Each form invites you to break through your repeating patterns of movement and helps you to move beyond your limitations…

It is a way which will TRANSFORM your life! Which means it takes you BEYOND YOUR FORMS!

It gives you more dimension to move in order for you to choreograph your own dance.

We are not prisoners to our bodies but Our body is our temple for our soul… It’s a vehicle and it gives freedom for our heart songs to be expressed out of it… Dance is a way of freedom from all the restrictions, suppressions, regulations,limitations… It’s a way that guides us back home to our authentic being….

This is an invitation to the dance of your true self.

If you like stories and want to hear more,  I invite you to listen to the story of my own life journey in the 7 forms of Dance Of No Name.

follow the audio link below:

Maybe you find your own life story in the 7 forms of DONN!


To learn more about Dance of No Namem check:


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