August 26, 2020

To the Mamas & Papas of the World: This is what your Kids Want for You.

We easily lose sight of ourselves when we become parents. 

Our responsibilities change, the way we see ourselves changes, and our world changes.

We think a little more, feel a little more, and do a lot more.

Dear Mama and Papa,

Don’t forget to do things for you. When you’ve forgotten what that looks like, search. Try something new. 

You deserve to be nurtured, too. 

You need to grow, too. 

Did you stop dancing? Did you stop creating?

Wiggle around your living room. Write poetry on your bed. Pick up a crayon and make art on the envelope of your electric bill. 

What are your interests? What feeds you?

Do you admire someone’s talent? Challenge yourself to develop that—for yourself. 

Do you see someone you don’t recognize in the mirror? Change it—change your hair, dress up your body, walk past a mirror and smile at yourself.

I’m talking about you, the person who does everything for everyone and forgets that they are important, too.

Start small or dive deep. 

Pay attention to what draws you in, what stops the world from spinning, and what gets you in your zone.

There is more to you, hidden away—a secret treasure that will bring your spark back. 

Find it.

Rediscover it.

Let yourself flow in the direction of your own desires.

Your spirit needs to feel free; your heart needs your love. You’re in there. 

If it means something to you, you’ll find a way.

And your babies? They’re going to look at you in awe when you start to glow from the radiant light of your passions.

Dear Mama and Papa, do something for you.

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Read 8 comments and reply

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