August 17, 2020

Do you Really Want to Save the Children?

If I see one more #savethechildren post, I’m gonna lose it.

You want to save the children?

Stop watching YouTube conspiracy theory videos and pay attention to your children and the time they spend online. While you are trying to decode some subliminal QAnon secret code words, some 50-year-old man is posing as a 14-year-old boy and messaging your 12-year-old on Instagram, or TikTok, or while playing PlayStation live. Most trafficking starts with online luring.

You want to save the children?

Stop giving money to institutions that protect and even enable child sexual abuse, like certain denominations of religions or charities you have chosen to support that have been convicted of sexual abuse, like The Boy Scouts.

You want to save the children?

Get your head out of the sand and stop deluding yourself into believing sexual abuse of children is something that happens over there and not in your own backyard, or the neighbors’, or in your kid’s hockey or football locker room, or in their school, or clubs, or extra curricular activities, even though it’s uncomfortable for you to acknowledge.

You want to save the children?

Stop saying masks put them in danger, because we can’t see their faces. Do you think this started with COVID-19? Would you know the signs of a child who’s being trafficked? If you did, you would know many do not ask for help, because they have been completely trauma-bonded to those who sell them, and tricked into believing their abuser is actually their rescuer.

You want to save the children?

Stop posting pictures online of a child bound, gagged, and being held in a dark cellar somewhere. Yes, it happens, but more often than not, these children do not require handcuffs and duct tape. They do what they are told and they do not speak up, because they have been brainwashed, desensitized, and won’t fight or flee, because they are experiencing freeze and fawn—known as the third and fourth trauma stress response. They often feel indebted or even safe with their abuser. It’s the devil they know.

You want to save the children?

Stop watching porn sites that allow for the upload of amateur porn, which is often underage girls engaging in sex acts that are actually rape.

You want to save the children?

Know the signs that your child may be a victim and what to look for.
Know the signs of what to look for when you are out in the community and around other children, like a child arriving at a rest stop, or restaurant, or hotel, with one adult and leaving with another.

You want to save the children?

Open your mind—there are people right now among you sexually abusing a child and you don’t know it. Why? Because these predators do not just groom their victims, they groom everyone around them to think that they are great guys, good people, friendly, warm, kind, helpful, and esteemed in the community—just look at Larry Nassar. He could have been stopped 20 years prior had someone, anyone listened to the victims and not the well-educated, well-respected, family man, and doctor. Five hundred victims in 20 years—that we know of.

You want to save the children?

Stop talking about conspiracy theories.

Start talking to your kids and start believing victims the first time.

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