August 15, 2020

How Martin Luther (Bear) Jr. might help us Go Vegan.

Now and then, you hear about them on the news.

The vegan activists who recently vandalized the local butcher’s store or poured blood-colored paint down someone’s fur coat to many people’s outrage.

Their vegan values are so deep that they want to convince you to go vegan as well.

But what if there is a more effective way of getting the point across?

How do you, in fact, convince a non-vegan to go vegan? How do you convince anybody to do anything?

Can you change someone’s truth?

Every living being lives from their own personal truth at any given moment in time, and being convinced about one’s own truth, it can be extremely difficult trying to make sense of someone else’s.

For this same reason, it also becomes extremely difficult to figure out which arguments to put forward if you want to invite others into your world. But for sure a common ground is found far more easily when opponents converse openly rather than criticize or ridicule each other’s worldviews.

And, likely, the discussion related to what a human being should preferably eat, is not much different than any other discussion.

The historical figures we remember for leading positive change

When we have to think about who has been truly able to invite others into their world, our minds might wander toward the direction of historical figures like Martin Luther King Jr., Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi, and the Dalai Lama.

Even though they were each living from a strong truth, they were all presenting their truth with nonviolence and even some elements of humbleness, acknowledging that change takes time and that change takes a shared effort by many dedicated individuals who manage to work together through moments of time.

Rather than encouraging ridicule, a person such as Martin Luther King Jr. led by example, introducing the world to his vision, his dream.

Patiently, little by little, he could watch change getting closer and closer.

And now, we all remember him for the significant changes he managed to make to many people’s mindsets and to world history as such. 

Someone who also has a dream: Martin Luther Bear Jr.

Now, it is time for you to meet Martin Luther Bear Jr.

Without any direct comparison between the causes of Martin Luther Bear Jr. and his brother from another mother from another species, Martin Luther King Jr., the two have similarities in their agendas.

Martin Luther Bear Jr. also wants compassion to spread and suppression to end.

The two Martin’s both want freedom.

For Bear, his freedom depends on you going vegan.

Inspired by King, Bear has also put his dream into a speech.

“We have a dream that one day neither of us will be raised to the destiny of ending up on the plate of any human being.” ~ Martin Luther Bear Jr.

“We have a dream that our children will one day live in a global society where they will not be judged by the taste of their flesh but by the content of their character.” ~ Martin Luther Bear Jr.

Read Martin Luther Bear’s full speech here.

And please, invite your friends to do the same thing.

Join the movement. Spread the message.

Who knows what difference Bear could end up doing for the world history of animal consumption and animal abuse?

Like any big freedom fighter, Martin Luther Bear Jr. has a number of friends with him on his journey. Please meet his allies, the Dalai Llama, Mahatma Owl, and Nelson Mandelostrich.


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