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August 18, 2020

Shared some BLM posts a month ago? Now it’s time to really Show Up.

If we share to our Stories about the fires in the Amazon but don’t show up to vote. If we protest about BLM but don’t show up to vote. If we post on Instagram about voting but we don’t offer help to our friends to vote. If we make a show of it, but don’t show up:

I printed these hats up 4 years ago.

What a long, awfully painful 4 years it’s been. As Joe Biden says, we can stand 4 years of Trump—barely. We can’t handle another 4. Climate change, the foundations of democracy, black lives matter, DACA, food stamps, health care, Covid, inequality between rich and poor, the exploitation of our public lands once ruined hard to ever recover, the acidifying oceans and crumbling infrastructure. Trump doesn’t care. Worse, he actively adds fuel to the fire.

If you posted about BLM in your Stories, good on you. But if you’re not watching the Democratic National Convention, you’re missing out on hope. On where the rubber hits the road. Trump doesn’t care about BLM.

It’s on us to show up, and get out the vote. Get our own vote planned. Where, when, how? Do you know? Check if you don’t. Ask your family and loved ones to make a plan to vote. This is when we show up.

If you show up in Stories, but not in real life, we see you. The vulnerable of this world, trembling, feel your lack of real care. Show up. Make a plan to vote. Get your friends to make a plan.

Show up.


At 13:08, he gets pissed. At 15 minutes in, you can see more of that deep, righteous anger. But throughout, his anger—and sadness—returns to one theme: hope. Our better angels. Building up, not tearing down. Truth. Democracy.


Michelle Obama:

Bernie Sanders:

Loved the story of meeting and dating Jill:

Ah, memory lane. So-called MSM? It’s good for somethin’:

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