August 2, 2020

A Gorgeous Reminder that we are Here to Leave a Legacy of Love.


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The life I was meant to live explodes from me.

I am not here to make you happy.
I am not here to be you.
I am not here to live your dreams.
I am not here.

Not here, life will end.
Not here, the trees live on.
Not here, my name will be forgotten.
Not here, generations go on.

Not here, is it an illusion?
Not here, so many lies.
Not here, living others’ mistakes.
Not here, it is someone else’s dream.
Not here, and always here, an infinite purpose.

The life I was meant to live illuminates in me.
Life goes on; we are here to be and become the best versions of ourselves.

Who is that?
Do we know?

If we could, for a moment, step into a bubble with our future self and listen to the whispers of wisdom and ask, “Why the heck was I here? What have I done?” what would their heart say?
What essence of them could you see inside of yourself now?

You are here to leave a legacy of love; you are here to give back; you are here to listen; you are here to forgive; you are here to expand; you are here to be loved.

You are here to be happy.
You are here to be you.
You are here to live your dreams.
You are here.

You are here, and life will end.
You are here; your spirit will live long after the trees live on.
You are here for your name not to be forgotten.
You are here, and generations will go on.

You are here; this is not an illusion.
You are here, don’t listen to its many lies.
You are here to make your own mistakes.
You are here, live your dreams.

You are here, always here.
You are here with an infinite purpose.
You are here with life illuminated—to illuminate.
Your life goes on.

When illuminating in others, your spirit shines and covers them. Your legacy of love has helped open more doors to their future.

Our awareness, reality, and purpose is love. Your life was not what you did, what you wore, or what you looked like.
The infinite and eternal lives on in each of those you have touched and loved.

You are stepping out of that bubble. You realign with a new awareness, self-acceptance, and open heart. Now you are ready to receive and listen to the answers that have always been inside of you.

This is just the beginning of your eternal soul.

When looking through this life’s prism, you see and expand into a new transparency of yourself, one that has been waiting for you to ask.

Step into the legacy of love you want to be and leave.



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