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August 3, 2020

Life Is For Living

It was listening to Barclay James Harvest when all these thoughts came flooding in. Who knows, maybe the purpose of these thoughts will go much further than we sometimes tend to believe.

We live day by day but the funny yet absurd paradox is, we plan ahead too much. It’s okay to have goals and to know where do you see yourself in 5 years, but it’s also okay to live in the moment, even if just a brief one. What we need more often is something real. And what else is more real than this very moment? The moment when you can do anything you want. Not yesterday. Not tomorrow, but today.

You are going to realize it one day; it’s not about creating a perfect life, it’s about creating an astonishing one. To live a real life and meet souls not people. Life which wakes up butterflies in your stomach and feels good on the inside and for you – not for others.
Never stop chasing your butterflies, because the moment you stop chasing them is the moment you stop living. Butterflies don’t happen only when you fall in love with someone special. They exist in all shapes and forms and moments.

Usually the best things that will ever happen to you weren’t a part of any plan. They simply happened. You either ended up on a long haul flight sitting next to the stranger that was interesting to talk to, or you did something crazy last minute. That trip you’ve been planning for about half a year in advance? It wont be anything like you’ve expected it to be.

Life is a series of adventures. Little moments that make big stories in the end …
One day you are 15 having a carefree childhood with fellows from the neighborhood, having fun traveling the world at 25, suddenly you wake up another day – 20 years later, and you wonder where did all the years go.
Being young is a privilege, but being young at heart – that’s the true blessing.

We plan too much and we worry too much. What happens in between, are adventures lost forever. They could have happened, but they didn’t. And these are not the words you want to say in 40 years, do you?
I don’t think so, either.

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