August 21, 2020

Let’s Talk about OnlyFans: the New Kind of Porn.

Let’s talk about OnlyFans.

So, women are on this app, making money “exploiting” themselves, and I’ve been seeing a lot of men getting mad—some women too.

Okay, let’s take a step back.

Men have been exploiting women for years.

In this day in age, it’s hard to tell when we’re on camera as a species, let alone a gender.

So if there are men who are recording women on the street—or in gynecologist’s offices and bathrooms (like I keep hearing about and have witnessed myself)—you better go back even further to when missionary was the only legal sex position. Men got to do whatever the f*ck they wanted; meanwhile, women are just trying to learn how to orgasm.

The audacity of these sluts, right? Maybe they’re simply trying to orgasm while their man is at an underground orgy after work!

She’s pounding chicken with a meat mallet wishing her husband would do something about it. (You might laugh, but it’s not always funny.)

Anyway, nowadays, women are starting to feel themselves—literally. And, lo and behold, they want to make money off their bodies.

Hold the phone. They are “sluts” because they are exposing their own bodies? I’m confused here.

People use secret cameras in bathrooms and put the content on the internet, and I’m guessing these weirdos aren’t just always watching women for themselves—underground porn sites are real. So, it’s dangerous to expose yourself nationwide to strangers for money?

Well, yes, it can be.

But is it dangerous to go anywhere and do anything with the potential of cameras everywhere? Yes.

Obviously it’s not a fun thought, but these people (all genders, not just women) are making peace with the technological age that they cannot seem to escape.

But I don’t see many people getting mad at men or transgender people about exposing themselves online sexually. (At least not from my vantage point.)

I just keep hearing men call women “sluts” and “thots.” Grow up; it’s starting to feel like the Grapes of Wrath right now.

These women are not only seeking cash flow; it creates euphoria! Oxytocin, serotonin, and dopamine flow within the body while they “do their thing.”

Are there other ways to produce those effects? Absolutely.

But stop slut shaming women in their newfound glory; start being happy that women are enjoying sex, feeling sexy, and want to have more of it.

Also, with more cases of pedophilia continually being exposed, I am super happy I am looking at naked adults.

Seeing a naked woman or person is an honor.

Stop ruining it for everyone by telling women, who have finally found their womanhood, to stop being “thots” or “sluts.” They are adult women enjoying their bodies, and they are sharing it with you (and others) to feel free and create cash flow.

Stop ruining it for the people who want to be actual adults and have sex, or watch other people do fun and sexy things.

Or at least stop trying to ruin it; it’s not going to work.

If they are being hygienic and not spreading STDs, I think the people of OnlyFans, who choose to go on that website or any other site, are just beating stalkers to the punch; I say go for it.

Make money off your own body before someone else exploits you.

And, also, men, please make OnlyFans profiles too. If you haven’t caught on to the fact that women enjoy sex and watching men have sex, I hope this provided some clarity. (This applies to all genders, really.)

If this post or the artwork attached to this offends you, please delete me.


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Read 3 comments and reply

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