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August 12, 2020

Seeing The Reset With 20/20

There we all were, just plodding along. Going about our day to day. Aware, even if not excited, of our trajectory and labels in this life.

Everything seemed somewhat comfortable. Familiar. Perhaps, if we stopped to really check in with ourselves; slightly mundane and boring.

But we chose to live with that, because with that same, sameness – comes the basic human need of Certainty. Certainty helped us to create comfort in the every day. It allowed us to feel safe in the world. Even if, that world was not what we truly desired, if we ever dared to ask the fire in the belly burning within.

Yes, certainty provided us with stability. But it was also the breeding ground to complacency. 

We have been a society of complacent humans. The shift from hunter gatherer survival mode to a human race with a highly active prefrontal cortex creating massive technologically advancements has been, in the grand scheme of things, a rapid and massive shift.

And therefore realistically, one swing that was always going to create some balancing re-adjustments.

But perhaps somewhat surprisingly, the clearest complacency of our modern world, happened within the areas of our personal growth and spiritual practices.

Showing one was “woke” or mindful became about ones attainment of certifications, mass followings of well marketed gurus, highly manipulated calisthenics masking as yoga, empaths who weren’t practicing boundaries and videos and courses that excessively intellectualised even the most basic of mindfulness principles.

And whilst none of it wrong, and all of it will continue, and will inspire and aid many…

It was still somewhat motivated from that push, drive, forceful, never enough energy of the past. Whilst the intentions were good, the methodology arose from the old paradigm.

We were sold that we were broken and needed healing – and that someone external to us, or some philosophy, religion, belief structure or group had the answer that would help us feel good and whole.

Spirituality became an industry like never before and just as we have in other areas of life, we began to grasp onto our methods for dear life. Justifying and spruiking them to all that would listen. And holding onto them with the same fear and attachment that we often use with money, health and relationships.

A clear divide was being highlighted in the world. The dark vs light, good vs evil, the woke vs asleep.

The same old underlying narrative, simply wrapped in a different bow for a different era.

So then the world, as it always so powerfully does, decided it was time to restore some balance. And it sent us 2020. Life always seeks to aid and love us like that.

Both individually and collectively we are always in a state of flux. A state of expansion and contraction. If you will, a state of ebb and flow. And that flux is made all the more magical if we choose to observe its power rather than jumping straight in to fight and judge its every move whilst trying not to drown in its enormous waves.

No, 2020 isn’t here to hate on us. Or to force us to pay off some massive karmic debt.

2020 is simply here to reset us. To remind us we are all human. To remind us we are all doing our best and that we are all one.

2020 is here to remind us that no one knows it all, no one has it all together and that almost nothing is within our control. Except of course, how we choose to view this.

2020 is here to remind us we all need support. We all need and crave connection. And that it’s time we all remember how collectively and individually powerful we are.

For if we can look at this year and choose to see what it has offered us rather what it has perhaps taken away; we will quickly see just how much stronger and connected we truly all are.

And if we look at that for what it truly means, then we can all agree, 2020 is therefore here to set us free.

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Read 2 comments and reply

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