August 25, 2020

3 Steps toward Letting Go & Enjoying Life.

Everyone has a life story, and the only constant within them is that nothing is constant.

When it comes to people, things, emotions, learning, suffering, and blessings, nothing is constant—everything changes with time.

There have been times when I thought, “Right now, everything feels perfect. I have reached a place where everything is sorted out, and I am in a perfect state of fulfillment.” 

And that’s when I get a surprise; everything falls apart. The camera rolls, I have a ton to deal with, and once again, I restart the search for that feeling of “everything is perfect.” 

Here’s the reality: there is no such thing as perfect!

Often in movies, I hear the male or female protagonist say, “Whenever I love someone from the heart, something bad happens. They always end up leaving me. I am scared of loving someone.” Or we end up making someone more important than ourselves.

Why does this happen to everyone?

Why are we so scared of loving someone too much? We end up so paranoid about losing them, and, eventually, that fear plays its part—they leave.

Okay, let’s not talk about a person; let’s talk about a situation. You become so comfortable in a particular situation that you never want to come out of it. You want to be in that situation for the rest of your life. You then become so used to being in that privileged position of “complete salvation” that you don’t let anything change—ever.

Why does this happen to me every time?

Am I the only one in this situation? (Probably not.)

So what can we do? The only answer is to let go!

Things will come; things will go.

Don’t be happier than happy when things are in your favor. Don’t be sadder than sad when they aren’t.

If you want to hold on to something, hold yourself. That’s the only thing in your control. Trust me, the rest of life is not in your control (as we wish them to be). If you don’t learn this on your own, you will learn the hard way, but you will learn. It’s just a matter of time.

So how can we learn to let go and recognize that we are not in control? Do this:

1. Be prepared for the worst. 

This will help you enjoy the small things, and then other things won’t seem to be as bad as you first perceived them to be.

2. Do not expect anything. 

This will help you accept whatever comes your way and will save you from many disappointments.

3. Do not complain. 

This will keep you away from negativity, which, in return, gives you an inner strength to deal with the tougher situations.

Finally, enjoy doing whatever you do and stay in the present. That’s the only place where you can make every moment a memorable past.

Good luck to all you warriors out there. Times are tough, but it will get easier. 

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Read 6 comments and reply

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