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August 31, 2020

Travel Styles

What is travel mean to me, or what is travel style it is?   Travel independently more flexibility time, I could go farther and furthermore. Travel styles can be Natural Landscapes are so fresh. (Hiking, Trekking, cycling) Cultural, Local Culture is like secrets of hidden gems in residents.  Some places are never crowd, and many tourists.  It is best way to get closed to local people and know more their daily life as little by little.  Every country has them own cultural. Historic (Architectures, Heritages), Sports, Foods, Religion Service (Religion Study), Nightlife, relaxation, Leisure, Photography, Festival, and can be more.  

I like to be observing things as differently from where I am living or what I have never seen before.   There is always something new or first time to see, or you can say I am a curious person. To see or be observing new things are always interesting, surprising to me, in that meant times, I would be learning somethings new, that is might not at school.
I am more likely to the cultural. Culture is heartland of the country.  It was chance might be attend some local class as cooking class, pottery class, or other local class.  Local Culture is like secrets of hidden gems in residents or elsewhere in locally, there locations never crowd, or most of tourist might not interesting places like me.  It is the way to get closed with local people and know more their daily life as little by little.  Every country has them own cultural. 

In my past trips most of countries is Middle East. If you ask me why? Sometime asking myself the same question.  There’s no why? May be Nature, Cultures, History, or other special issues.
Middle East is hottest, drought and dry country. Even winter, the weather is like spring season, it will be cool down at night. Sahara Desert, it is clean, beautiful, quite spot, feel like the whole desert is belonging to me. I feel myself was in the movie, and in the past century.  It is mystery, the feeling is so fresh, and like dreaming.  First time always beautiful and unforgettable.  Why does the temperature is so high in the desert? It is wildness, no plant, and no other things in Sahara Desert, it is enhanced into different countries.  Does anyone think why those area become desert.  Sahara is enhanced into different counties.  Middle East like two seasons a year, spring, and winter is one season, the weather is not much different, even wintertime the weather as same as spring.  Between daytime and night, the temperature is big different.  Middle East not much rain in all year long. 

When I was taking a trip to Dead Sea from Jerusalem. On the way there’s mountains are surround; it is wildness. The local beach is rocky and sandy beach, if you do not wear shoe, your feet will burn.  Rock in the summer is heater than sand, and it is the salty place too.  I was walking in the Dead Sea, there is no endless, did not see, where is end of the beach, like an ocean.  All the way it is over dryness, and especially that is salty.  Salt, plus hot temperature makes that place is over dryness.  (I am thinking cooking, when I was cooking, add little salt in the food, easier to make wet food to get dry easily, not sure there is same as the Dead Sea?  there is how the Dead Sea dryness and shrink quick in the past years)

And in the next day, I was taking another local bus to Sea of Galilee from Nazareth.  It is also hot, but a bit better than in Dead Sea.  It was heavy rain that day. I was stop at the gift shop, the salesman told me that this was unusual rain, they did not had rain since last year, it was the first rain of the year. 

In October 2018.  I was trip to Middle East again. I went to a small village from Hamadan Region.  I had a local guide with me, we met another local guide in town, three or us.  We were road trip for few days.  We walked around the small village to village and stop at one of the bridge.  He told that the small bridge is built to makes easier to cross over to another side of the town.  Because of the deep water.  The river is dry a lot during the past ten years, it looked dry truly clear. There another trip to same region, we met another local guide be our driver, he is living in the mountain, he knows everything.  That is the major location made I love to go, and I want to go. I did not care how hard to be getting there. Be honest, it such a bit hard during my planning this trip, even I was got there. The road so narrow and looks dangerous, he drove so fast, it was safety, we had good driver be our tour guide, he explains everything to us.  Both side of road are high cliff of mountains all the way It is Wadi Rum, it is beautiful nature.  When we were gotten there. It was tiny village about hundred people are living in the mountain. I walked around village, up and down to each family, it was fun and interested. I stopped at school, had fun with kids, they were interesting to learn new language, we were learned from each other of new language. The small village, but there has a doctor is helping the village who get sick. We had conversation, his first question to asked me that why were you come here?  It was same question sometimes I question to myself too, why I go there?

When I was trip to Egypt in early years.  I was booked a Nile Cruise.  Basically, the cruise is around Nile River.  The water seems clean in Nile River, I mean at that time.  Egypt is also Sahara Desert too; it is dry and not much rain. There were some farms around Nile River, but the field is no water, farmers needed plumb and storage water from Nile River to field to plant vegetables, and other foods to support their daily lives.   

What is water, why does water is so important to our daily life. It is important to me, cause I love drink to water, I can’t without it everyday; my life is up to 70% or 80% is from water or depend on it.  How are about you?  Every culture is different, and interesting. I might like other people want to explore every corner and see every corner by myself,

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