August 14, 2020

Why we Need to Embrace Chaos & Order if we want to Change our Lives.


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“Chaos breeds life, where order breeds habit.” ~ Henry Adams


What type of feelings come up for you when you think of chaos?

Or routine?

We can think of chaos and order as two opposing conditions that actually need the other to exist for an individual purpose—to facilitate the change needed for evolution.

This is not only as a collective, but also as an individual human being.

Order and routine are of course necessary and required for a stable life, but so is chaos. Without chaos, there would be no creativity or inspiration; chaos is what provides that “yay, I’m excited!” factor.

Similar to the yin-yang, dark and light, and cold and hot, the two oppose each other but actually need each other. For chaos to expand and evolve, we need the monotonous routine to provide our mental space with the freedom to thrive.

The chaotic part of life is often the one that can stop us from making lasting change. We expect things to go smoothly, but when we ask for a better circumstance or change—we invite chaos. Growth is a complex process.

Look at nature. We definitely cannot control the tides in an ocean, but we can absolutely sail through by adjusting the ship as much as we can. It may get treacherous and stormy, but as we know, the water eventually calms and the sun comes back out.

That is really all we can do when we are thrown into a place of confusion, upheaval, or chaotic energy.

This past year has taught me so much about allowing the ebb and flow of life, and I have actually started to understand that when it is a down moment, I must not to resist, but rather allow this process to unfold.

Of course, it took many years and periods of downright turmoil to understand that eventually it always works out and I actually have control over just how much I suffer during this process. I am really learning that it is not about one way or the other way—it’s simply flowing through them both and truly allowing life to do its thing.

We are human. We grow accustomed to wanting instant results, instant gratification, instant pleasure, and instant status—to avoid the unknown. We become impatient when our outside world appears to be crumbling down. We jump to fear of “how” or “when,” or we feel we need that validation and security right now.

But when we ask for something, we invite a need for order and structure. With this, it brings a crumbling of what was, because we cannot build a firm structure on a wobbly foundation.

It’s like buildings—you will see demolition as they completely demolish the old building and then start over from scratch to build the new building. They don’t just take the old and start building on it, as the old has died. Like a plant, when you see one dead leaf or dead branch, it’s dead. Letting it stay in the soil and roots only depletes the living parts and starves it of its energy and nourishment.

When we allow and shed these past parts, we free up space and we rid ourselves of those parts that no longer serve our evolution—those parts that hinder our progress and stunt our growth.

We live in a society that has separated the masculine and feminine energies, as if they don’t need each other, or as if one has more power over the other. But we actually carry both energies inside each one of us.

It takes both man and woman to create new life. For there to be any new change, we must have both operating in this process.

We pray or we write down our goals, affirm them each morning, and then we see nothing but chaos, so we revert back to our old ways of thinking as if our prayers were not heard and nothing good will ever happen. We see a pattern repeating itself and feel defeated, so we revert back to our old self, only to start the process again.

However, when we can see the chaos and disorder as a positive indication that what we asked for is on its way, that this is the restructuring, the demolishing phase of it, we allow the process to unfold and find peace in knowing we are being purified and cleansed, and leaving the dead past. We then know that order is coming and this is how it is going to get there.

We can’t know how long this process will take, but we can simply find peace, surrender to the process, and have gratitude. We can continue to keep focused on what we asked for and allow the process to unfold.

It is simply the meaning that we assign to this process that will determine how much we “suffer.” If we look at it as suffering and pain, we will experience just that. If we trust that this is necessary and we feel the impurities and the past floating away, it allows us to find comfort in it. This is where creation is doing her thing.

We think darkness and being emotional is bad, but it is the emotions and the darkness that are required for change.

On the surface, it may seem like you are trying to cover it all up, but in the background, behind the scenes, the divine is orchestrating an entirely new way.

The art of nonresistance and flow are your best friends at this point.

Free yourself from your self-limiting beliefs by seeing yourself for who you really are.

“Sometimes it is the people no one can imagine anything of who do the things no one can imagine.” ~ Alan Turing




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