August 10, 2020

You Don’t Need to Do a Damned Thing. You’re Already Enough.


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When do you feel as though you are enough?

Is it only when someone compliments the work you are doing or validates you in some way? Is it only when you’re praised for something that you’ve done?

I speak to those of you who maybe didn’t have childhood experiences that reflected warmth and abundance. I speak to those who have worked their asses off to create an external reality designed around the approval of others because they don’t feel good enough within.

I want you to know, it’s not your fault that you simply were not taught to praise yourself and validate yourself. Instead, you might have been taught that what you did or did not do was either not good enough or it didn’t matter. Perhaps your caregivers were on the far end of narcissistic tendencies and no matter what you did, it was never going to be enough.

On the path to healing, sometimes we can get so caught up in speaking words of affirmations or taking better care of what is on the outside that we might gloss over the need to address the roots of our issues. It would seem that there could be times that no matter what we do, somehow it just doesn’t seem to work out or we feel blocked in some way. Maybe the outside world doesn’t reflect to us the way we desire to feel, and so we are left feeling a sense of being lost or as though we simply aren’t good enough.

Consider this an empowerment piece for yourself. I invite you to read these words and often.

I want you to know that you are enough.


You are enough regardless of the numbers in your bank account. You are enough no matter if your romantic partner walked out on you or chose someone else. You are enough regardless if you did or did not have two parents mirroring your value and worth to you. You are enough no matter how many followers you do or do not have on social media.

You are enough regardless of what size you are or how you look in the mirror. You are enough no matter what decisions you made from places of hurt, anger, or sadness. You are enough if you did or did not finish high school. You are enough whether you chose to go on to college and get an MD or skipped institutionalized education to learn real-world lessons.

You are enough regardless of the amount of debt you have accumulated over the years, or how much debt you have paid off in your lifetime. You are enough whether you have survived a traumatic childhood or a traumatic life and you still haven’t felt like you are enough. You are enough even when you don’t feel like you are enough.

Your enough-ness cannot ever be sourced from something outside of you. It flows through you.

In fact, there is so much creativity and life that flow through you that nothing can stop you except your own limitations. It doesn’t matter if everyone loves what you are putting out there or not, as they are only viewing you through their own perceptions and limitations.

It doesn’t matter if someone thinks the things you talk about or write about are stupid or, in my case, “poetic nonsense” (I laugh about it now, of course). Understand that judgment only comes from people’s own sense of lack. They too are probably lacking internal validation and therefore their instability will be projected on to you.

You are still enough, regardless of what they think or how they feel about you. There is enough space here in this world for you to pursue your dreams. There is enough money to go around despite what our government and the news would have us believe. There are enough opportunities for you to learn about what you have to offer this world. There is enough space for you to share your gifts with the world.

You, in this moment, right here, right now, are enough. I don’t care about your past—sure it might have helped shape you, but it does not define you.

What defines you is that light within you. What defines you cannot possibly be defined by our human logic, which is only capable of our own limited thinking. What defines you escapes all words, time, and existence.

You are enough.

And if you are reading these words and they have not touched that place inside of you yet, read them again and again and again until they do.

If I know one thing about the law of the universe, it is that truth will always find you. Your truth is not those stories that you took on and believed. No, your truth is something far greater and more purposeful than you can ever imagine.

You are enough.

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