September 12, 2020

A Letter to my Husband: Thank you for teaching me How to Love. 

My love, it’s been 32 years that we’ve been married.

The day I married you, I escaped my bitter reality and ran away to you. Despite all our differences—age, background, education, hobbies, and character—I took a leap of faith.

You fell in love with me and thought our relationship was impossible—I thought so, too. We got married 15 years after our first meeting and turned a deaf ear to anyone who was against that marriage.

I was still a new bride when I started wondering, “What have I done to myself?”

You weren’t the prince charming who I waited for—you didn’t come to me on a white horse, and you weren’t carrying your passionate, crazy love with you.

I imagined my prince charming buying me clothes, flowers, and gifts. I wanted us to travel together around the world, and I wanted him to write me endless lists of poetry. I wanted him a dreamer, my other half, and my soul mate.

I looked at my reality and didn’t see the prince charming who I weaved in my mind. There weren’t flowers, gifts, trips, or poetry.

But there was you.

You loved me, respected me, and cared for me like no one ever did before. Sometimes you shocked me with your honesty and straightforwardness, but it wasn’t long before I realized it was a virtue.

You made me fly with the gods and angels of love through the way you treated me. So I woke up and laughed at my old self and at the image I had about love. Forget about my silly imagination—you are my real prince charming.

Today, after 32 years, I’m honored to tell you that you have created me. I am who I am today because of you. With you, I learned a new way to love—a different one that has turned my life upside down.

You are no prince with gifts and flowers, and no, you didn’t come on a white horse. But you’re a good man who’s loyal, simple, calm, and wise. You made me a queen and walked beside me trusting that I shall make you king as well.

I’ve learned so much from your silence, patience, and calmness. This marriage for me is no longer an escape or a bitter reality—it’s a school of love. You taught me how to love, and we had two beautiful girls who have made us proud and happy.

With you, I’ve learned that love is about caring and not about words. Love is about actions, looking after the other, and taking care of them. And no matter how precious gifts are, they don’t replace a meaningful hug, a passionate touch, or a deep kiss.

My love, you taught me how to make this relationship work through accepting our differences. It doesn’t matter if we have common traits—what matters is that we love each other.

You broke the chains that wrapped my hands, gave me your complete trust, offered me freedom, and supported me in my dreams and goals.

Through your faith in me, I traveled the world, continued my studies, and published many books. You raised me up to places I couldn’t have dreamt of.

When I used to ask you, “What’s your biggest fear?” you’d tell me, “My biggest fear would be to lose you. You’re my woman, wife, best friend, and partner in crime.” You gave birth to my humility when you told me, “I’m a dough in your hands—create the man you want, and I shall adhere.”

So we started reading together, and I started to accept your criticism. Each one of us built a boat and sailed toward the other one. We came halfway and learned from each other.

We made a successful business together and built a loving home that was filled with love, caring, honesty, forgiveness, and trust.

My love, no man has taken my attention the way you did. Chivalry was reborn through you. You are special, and you’ve woken me up from my nightmares.

You’ve been so good at holding me close to your chest and making me feel safe. You’re my husband, but you’re also my lover. To this day, I’m still a princess who is madly in love with you. You called me “baby” so much that I forgot what my real name was.

Today, I gift you the crown that you placed on my head years ago. You made me the queen of your heart and offered your body as my kingdom.

Come sit on the throne of my love, for you shall always be my prince, my love, and for the rest of my days.



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Read 32 comments and reply

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